Jul 29, 2018

Civil Engineer : BBM and Plaster Contractor Business

Civil Engineer

BBM and Plaster Contractor Business.

In Previous few blogs we have discussed about RCC Contractor Business, now we will discuss about BBM and Plaster Business.
Now a day's thus business is growing due to fast industrial, Residential and commercial growth, Every work can't do without Mason,(Except Mivon Shuttering Buildings)

Following point is important to start the BBM and Plaster Business.

1. Labour Availability
2. Material Availability
3. Assets Required
4. Rate Analysis
5. Schedule of work

1. Labour Availability:

In Construction industry Brick Masonry and Plaster work business is in good position, but you required labours to do the work, in globalisation lot of work is doing by Machines but Brick Masonry can't o by machine's, some plastering machines are available but there is also required mason. And if have sufficient manpower of mason, male coolie, female coolie, you can easily start Brick masonry and plaster work as a contractor.
Rate of Labours is as follows.
BBM Mason : ₹600 per day.
Plaster Mason: ₹800 per day
Male Coolie : ₹ 550 per day
Female Coolie : ₹ 350 per day
Standard Out put per day
AAC BLOCKS: 200Sqft/Day
BBM Mason: 1 Nos
Male Coolie : 0.5 Nos
Female Coolie: 1Nos
BBM MASON : 125 -150 Sqft/Day
BBM Mason: 1 Nos
Male Coolie : 0.5 Nos
Female Coolie: 1Nos
Plaster Work : 200 -250 Sqft/day
Plaster Mason : 1 Nos.
Male Coolie : 1 Nos
Female Coolie : 1 Nos (With Mason)
Female Coolie: 1 Nos ( For Sand Seiving).
1 Extra Male Hepler Required for Curing he will handle all site in a day.

2. Material Availability

Before you bid any contract you just know the information about the locally availability of required material, and it's rate also. We need current rate for preparation of rate analysis and which is very helpful to put the rate for new work.
Current rate of Bricks in Indian Market.
Red Bricks
(Size 4"X3"X9")= ₹ 6.00 per Nos.
(Size 6"X4"X9")= ₹ 10.00 per Nos.
Fly Ash Bricks
(Size 4"X3"X9")= ₹ 4.30 per Nos.
(Size 5"X3"X9")= ₹ 5.00 per Nos.
(Size 6"X4"X9")= ₹ 6.00 per Nos.
(Size 8"X4"X9")= ₹ 8.00 per Nos.
AAC Blocks
Size 650X240X125: ₹ 60.00 Nos
Size 650X240X150: ₹ 93.00 Nos
AAC Block Rate : ₹ 3100.00 Per Cum.(Approximately)
River Sand Rate : ₹ 7000-9000 per brass as per market situation.
Readymade sand: ₹ 4500 per Brass.

3. Assets Required

Before you give the quotation to any client, you need above details as well as some assets required like 
Regular Requirements:Thapi, Ghamela, Sponge, Handgloves, Fawda, plumb bob, line dori, 90 Degree Angle,(Gunya), Bottom Patti, Randa, Patra, Corners(inside and outside), level tube Etc.
One time Requirements: Scaffolding materials (wooden and MS)., Sieve machine or Sieve, Lift Machine, MS Trey (As per Required Size). Wheel barrow, Etc.
Before quote any work need to focus on assets and it's maintainance also.

4. Rate Analysis.

This is the most important part before bid any contract or give the quotation to any contractor.
After checking of above mentioned detial you need to focus on rate analysis, because in the rate analysis you will analyze the actual cost of work and required material and labour quantity also you will analyze actyal profit of project.

Brick Work Rate analysis is as follows
Quantity : 1 Sqm
Brick Required : 44 Nos X 6.00 : ₹264.00
River Sand : 0.015 Brass X 7500: ₹112.00
Cement : .0.12 Bags X 250 : ₹30.00
Labour : 10.764 Sqft X 15.00 = ₹161.40
Total Amount: ₹ 564.40
Water Charges 1.5% : ₹ 8.50
Electricity Charges 1% : ₹ 5.64
Total : ₹ 578.54
Overheads 5%: ₹ 29.00
Total : ₹607.54
Profit : 15%: ₹ 91.32
Total Rate per Sqm : ₹ 698.67
Say ₹ 700.00 Sqm.

(This is approximately amount which is helpful to cover all the points in your rate analysis and helpful to keep away from losses).

5. Schedule of work.

This is also important part when gou are working on any project, we need to prepare the schedule before start the work on site , and analysing the progress of work on daily basis, need to do daily profit and loss report, because contractor need to work on it, if found daily loss in a week then need to change the work track, increase the output, daily focus on labour strength, if any decisions pending from cliemt try to solve it immediately because if you doesn't do any thing you need to ready bear the loss. and if you will daily focus on your work you will be immediately gain profit.

Happy Contractorship.

Jul 27, 2018

Fresher Engineer: Job, Business, Extra Income

Fresher Engineer's

Privet Job, Govt. Job, Business

We are decided to discuss BBM and Plaster Business Tips but due to a too heavy demand for new Freshers here we are discussing Privet job, Govt. Job and Business in the Construction industry.

First of all, thank you for your support and mail your demand, and asking your questions, I will try to solve it from my End.
Now we are discussing the following topics.

1. Privet Job.

Actually, all are want to start his carrier immediately and also want to grow immediately. But guys there are no shortcuts in life. You need to prove yourself at every point of life.
If you want to start your carrier with privet job always need to choose a good company with the company should be more than 20 to 30 years old. Turnover should be more than 10 to 100 million per year.
What you want from a privet job?.
1. Job security
2. Grow the carrier
3. Wealth from job
4. Not shifting to one city to another
5. Promotion as per work
6. Leave policy and HR policy should be good
7. Work in a proper system like ERP Software.
What you see actually when doing privet job.
1. No job Security :
2. Not change to Grow your carrier
3. Not a chance to wealth from job
4. Always Ready to relocate
5. Not promoting time to time
6. Not any leave policy in most of the privet companies.
7. Not work in a proper way, some directors are nontechnical.

In the above differences, how can we work in privet company?

Following points will help to work in privet companies.
1. Stay flexible.
2. Try to create second income source.
3. Try to keep update yourself.
4. Ready to relocate.
5. Stey motivated yourself to work with non technical directors.

If you are not thinking to work in above mentioned situation you have another option of Government job, if you will select in any government department then you will be secured your job as well as you can grow your carrier as per government norms.

2. Government Job.

Most of people's in all countries want to do goverment job because this job is secured and growth is confirm.
But nothing is easy in the world, you need to do hardwork to get the government job, now a days there is lot of challenges, you need to good score in Exams which is arrenged by Government perticular department currently Public Service Commission (..PSC) is hiring candidates for State government department and Union Public Seevice Commission.
State government exam is easier than central government exam but for exam you need to prepare yourself, lot of classes are available in market but you need to stay focused on your goal. In current situation of india for 10 Nos of Vacancy near about 1,00,000 applications are received, so think about UPSC.
In those sectors those are bifurgated by various department Administration, Engineering, Medical, Etc. You are civil engineer so you need to try from Engineering Services exams. In Engineering services challenge is same but easy to study because it's from your proffesion.
And If you are not capable to do it, then another way is open to build your carrier as a BUSINESSMEN  as a Contractor or As a Builder.

3. Business.

If you have decided to do the business in construction industry you have 2 options Builder and Contractor.
Builder: To start the builder firm you need to big investment to start the project, but priffit ration is too high, its arround more than 50%, but now a days lot of legal restrictions coming from governments due to some fraud builders, if you want to become a good builder then need to build a good organization with experienced staff and ability to deliver the project within time with complete all legal points.
Also you need to increase your brand value in market for new projects.
Contractor: If you don't have enough capital to become a builder then you can build your business as a contractor in this contractorship you can choose your any exert points like RCC, BBM, Gypsum, Plstering, Flooring, Earthwork, Aluminium Work, Fabrication, Infrastructure work, Fire, Solar, STP, Swimming Pool, Rebarring, quality lab, etc Services.
As a contractor you can set up a good business with your hard work and efforts, but your business should be always update and complete all the requirements of your client, When you will start the contractorship you need minimum capital and proffit is not as much like Builder but you can earn good profit.


Jul 17, 2018

Civil Engineer: RCC Contractor Business

Civil Engineer: RCC Contractor Business

                   As per committed in the last blog we are going to discuss RCC Contractor Business in Construction Industry.
                  Now in Current situation, there are a lot of contractors are present and active in the market. But in this such competition how you can start your business with minimum investment. Follow some tip's to start your business with minimum investment.

1. Work on Labour basis.

Firstly you need to start your work on labor basis only, do not try to take many risks without experience, with labor basis work up to 1 lac Sq ft. In this work you need minimum investment also you can earn a good profit if you complete your work within time.

2. Track Each Labour per day Output.

After starting a project with labour work you need to put proper labour strength, suppose you are doing 1 lac sq ft work and each slab is 10000 Sq ft, then you need to arrange sufficient labour's. And also track his daily output. 

We can be defined by another way like
Labour Productivity: output/No. Of Labour's./Labour Cost
Labour Productivity= Output/ Work hour. 

3. Training To Labour

To improve the productivity of labor you can be arrange training for all labour's, you can arrange it on your own with the projector or by other agencies. By giving the training to labour your labor output will be increased by 4-5 %, and you can work smoothly with safety, quality, and speed.

4. Arrange the Assets

After your work is going smoothly now you can start arrangements of your assets like Concrete Mixer, Needle, and Vibrator, Lift Machine, Shuttering Plywoods, MS Props, wooden Props, Centring plates, etc. Which is very useful to start the new project.
At least arrange the following material.
1. Shuttering Plywood Material: 10000 Sqft. With 200 props.
2. Needle and Vibrator: 2 Nos
For arrange this material you need at least 4 lacs rupees. You can hire other ms material at the time of Slab shuttering and concreting.

5. Shuttering, Reinforcement and Concreting is the backbone.

Always keep in mind is you are only RCC Contractor you are expert in it, if you are trying to start another work without experience it may be facing huge losses, so keep the focus on RCC Work only.
Need to work on the following points.
1. Shuttering Design:
Shuttering design is very important when you are starting with RCC contractor company. It is a matter in your company profit and loss. If you are not expert in shuttering design you need to hire a consultant or experienced staff. For the preparation of shuttering design you need Project planning, and all project drawings,  after this design you will know about How many repetitions we can do?
How many shuttering materials you required and it's schedule.

2. Steel cutting as per bar length:
With the study of steel reinforcement as per drawing, you can control 1% steel when giving steel cutting length to the fitter.
3. Concreting with proper mix design:
In the world at many places concreting still doing by manually and not following a standard process, due to that life of concrete will reduce from 60 years to 30 years. In Mumbai, a lot of buildings are damaged in just 30 years.
So, strictly using weight more batch, or 3 bags automatic mixer or RMC which is a very good solution to keep maintain concrete quality.

6. Make Actual Rate Analysis:

Please make At actual rate analysis of RCC with material contracting before giving the quotation to any client. you need to take ground-level rates for analysis. also, work on extra overheads and extra labor requirements other than contracts. 
Following Points to add in Rate analysis.
1. Cement Constant ( M 25) 6 bags /Cubic Meter.
2. Crush Sand : 0.16 brass/ Cubic meter
3. 20 mm Metal: 0.30 Brass/Cubic Meter.
4. Admixtures : 150 ml/Bag
5. Concreting Labours: Rate/Sq ft
6. Carpenters:  Rate/ Sq ft
7. Fitters : Rate/ Sq ft 
8. Shuttering Material Cost: Rate/ Sq ft
9. Electricity Charges
10. Water Charges
11. Transportation
12. Shifting of Material
13. Petrol Oil and Lubricants (POL)
14. Overheads

After Calculation of all above Amount, you need to add your profit and submit the Quotation. 

6. Try to work with Material.

When you are starting your business with only labor, you will get a lot of experience regarding loss and profit on the basis of previous experience you know the profit percentage, but in only labor work you will no work security, because some labour gangs are not reliable due to those labour your work will be in trouble but in with material contract you are secured about it because you can divide the work and arrange another labour force when project become slow.
With material work, contract profit ratio is more than only labour base contract.

6. Make Company Profile

After Completing 3 to 4 Projects you need to make your company profile with mention your existing and ongoing projects and equipment and labour strength. Also, mention your existing client list.

7. Try to Bid in big contracts

After successful completion of 3 to 4 Project you need to change your track, One team will keep on an existing platform, and need to start the bidding with new projects, Don't depend on work surety on 1st bidding, try it up to when your name will know everyone. After bidding of 10 projects, 1 project will be definitely awarded to you. Its ratio is as follows.
Number of Projects you Bid: 10 Nos.
Inquiry from the client : 4 Nos
Interested : 3 Nos
Work Award: 1nos
Actually, a lot of companies want to do existing companies, and a lot of contractors have their own "SETTING" with the architect or Client.


8. Present your work with Quality Safety and Speed

Please forget what others are doing you need to focus only on your work you need to satisfy your client with your presentation of work with quality, safety, and speed. 

Please take 100% detailed knowledge about shuttering design and start work on it.

If you like this blog please comment and give suggestion also ask queries if any doubts, In the next blog we will discuss Brickwork and Plastering Business.

CBEC India. 

Jul 16, 2018




                 In last two blogs we had discussed about current situation of construction industry and How to grab the job in such competition. but in other way we need to discuss on start the business in construction industry. who want to start his business please this articles.


             If you want to start your business in construction industry, you need to find your expertise in this field, Like in Following Things,
1. Shuttering, 
3. Concreting, 
4. RCC, 
5. BBM, 
6. Plaster, 
7. Flooring, 
8. Waterproofing,
9. Plumbing
10. Painting
11. Electrification
12. Fabrication
13. Heavy Structures in Industrial Construction
14. Roads
15. Dams
15. Culverts
16. Irregation
17. Commercial Construction
18. Residential
19. Industrial Construction
20. Bridges
21. Flyovers
22. Foot over Bridges
23. Railways Construction
24. River Embankments
25. KT Wares
26. Nallah Widening
27. Piling
28. Lock and Key Construction
29. Govt. Contractor
30. Privet Contractor.
31. Banglow Projects etc.
  In above list may be miss some points but as per my experience you need to final your priority in such field, 


you need to know this field detailed knowledge but if are start with basic knowledge it will be very risky to sustain the business. If you are business minded then you need to to all point as well as little things and planning of work, for that you can hire employees, but what about your basic about to gain the experience of such field where ever you can start your business. as per my opinion you need to do job in privet company for just your experience and to gain detailed knowledge of your field.
        If you are plan to build the big organization then you need to spend some money on infrastructure of your company as per rule of MORE PLANNING MORE ACHIEVEMENT you need to Plan everything.


Yes. Infrastructure is most important thing to build the big organization, when you start the planning the infrastructure of your organization will play most important role. If you got any work first You need to hire some employees to complete the project, don't try to do all work you own, circulate responsibilities to all employees, but don't disclose important point to any employee, keep some point secrets from your employees like profit and loss, new tenders information, etc. To focus on buy the required machinery, and shuttering material and MS materials Don't hire such materials because such material have lot of repeat uses so after purchasing the MS Material and machinery you will be free from such tensions. don't waste money on buy the office before you earn the good profit.


Always focus on expenses, plan each and every month expenses details and track it as per actual expenses, there may be some variations due to maintenance of machines and equipment so don't panic about it. You need to keep machines update and keep maintain, Also Keep watch on monthly target and achievement and expenses, Prepare monthly expected expenses to plan the financial management. 


In some situation you will face issue of balance unused materials to aware of that you need to watch daily requirements which need to track as per theoretical requirement and actual requirement, but keep 5% wastage in Transportation, Labour handling and as per design wastage. but try to use waste material before place next material.


    if you got a project as a owner of company you need to stay focused on quality also, because for quality work you doesn't need extra money. you need to just stay focused, don't tolerate about quality, give proper training to your staff and senior employees, they should know to work properly with quality and time, 
      Some employees are not work permanently with your company, but your relation with your client will be keep permanent. so keep focus on that. and completed projects are present your organization status.


When you are working with some client you need to keep the business relation with them also you need to sign proper agreement or work order with him, in this agreement or work order mention all terms and condition clearly which is helpful to keep healthy relations with client. always submit proper documentation like RA Bill, Minutes of Meeting, Requirements, Pending Points, and Don't forget to take signature when client changes the decision when visit the site. this will keep clear communication in client and you.

If you Like this blog please comment with your suggestions we are going to know in brief knowledge of How to start the business with minimum investment.

CBEC India.

Jul 10, 2018

2. Tips for Fresher Engineers : Job or Business & Earn Money.

Tips for Fresher Engineers - JOB.

In last blog you read just overview about our construction industry. In this blog we are going to learn about how to grab the job in briefly.

Following Points are very important.
How to Handle Competition?
How to Choose Good Company?
How to Get the job?
How to Grow your Carrier?
How to give Experience?


Currently in all over world and in all sector  tough competition is running, all companies are want to become a brand, they are not worry about money, but in india the construction sector is affected due to Demonetization, RERA ACT and GST, lot of big companies are suddenly goes down due to effects of all those things, and at another things is IT sector is also running slow, so all market is going slow, there fore lot of companies are not open vacancies. If in this situation any company will open any vacancies lot of application will come for particular post.

Following things to handle the competition.
1. Decide your field like , Infrastructure, Residential, industrial, commercial choose anyone from it before start your carrier.
2. Decide your strong hand like Site execution, designing, PMC, Estimation, Billing, Quantity Survey Etc.
3. Basic Knowledge of site is required.
4. Study basic rules and formulas of civil engineering
5. Study of some important formula's
6. Study of unit's.
7. Be confident
8. Ready to hard work
9. Ready to relocate
10. Always stay open minded and confident while  attending interview.
11. Stay professional.
12. Always search good companies.
13. Start your carrier with big and Good companies.

Choose Good Companies.

In india there are lot of construction companies, like builder, developer, contractor, entrepreneurs, etc.
Stay focused with your carrier, as I recommend you need to choose good company to start your carrier, because in good companies you can took good experience and trained from experienced peoples.

Following points should be follow to choose good companies.
1. Check Company name in market
2. Check website of companies
3. Check current numbers of employees.
4. Check office location and address
5. Check management team
6. Check completed and on going and upcoming projects.
7. Check turnover of company.

If above information you can get easily, then suppose you are on right path, you can easily attend interview.

Get the Job

If you can follow above instructions and attend the interview be prepare for interview because in good companies there are exam type questionnaires, you need to solve this and then you are eligible to attend oral interview.
So please do proper study, take badic information, do parctice of quantities work out. Like Trapezoidal Footing Formula is very important to all freshers.

Following point to prepare for interview and get the job.
1. Be confident.
2. Dressing and hairstyle should be neat and clean and professional.
3. Don't go to interview like Hero.
4. If you don't know any questions answer then say "I Don't Know" directly, don't give false answers.
5. Your all document should be carry with you.
6. Tell every time truth, don't give bluff answers.
7. Always Remember In civil engineering each and every person can meet anytime, anywhere in life, so don't bluff.
8. Always focused on your questions, and every time look at interviewer.
9. Always knock the cabin door before enter the interview room, and always take permission as "May I come in Sir?"
10. After interview always shake hand with interviewer, tell him thanks.
11. At the time of salary discussion say As per Company Rules.

Grow your Carrier with Experience.

After getting the job in good company, your carrier will start but you need to stay always alert, because in some companies chance of face the politics from some employees, so you need to stay alert and always update about your work to your head of department or senior. always attend site meeting, some of senior employees chance to demotivate you but they are just judge you, if you will give him positive feedback with your work and they will appreciate your work. Take experience from your seniors, stay attached with your senior, keep watch on his decisions, reports, planning, working style, and copy this to your work but you need to add your special thing in it like always maintain cleaning at your work space like your table, your site, your your office. this will present your work.
Stay update about new technologies in market, if you are at site concentrate on Safety and Quality and always focus on work only. Keep contractors in your limit with proper checking and doing good output from contractor. Your project drawing and schedule is always with you, Prepare micro planning of  your targets, this will become easy to do the work, with tracking or follow the micro planning you will definitely enjoy the work. Always take responsibility of new work, it will present your ability to grow your carrier. after proper output you can grow your carrier.  

Following thing need to remember to grow your carrier.

1. Study drawing carefully.
2. Study bar Chart and Schedule
3. Attend all Meeting
4. Take Responsibility
5. Ready to take new work experience.
6. Give deep knowledge of Drawing and Specification.
7. Focus on Quality and Safety.
8. Self checking and cross checking is always important.
9. update your daily reports to your senior authority
10. Give proper approval before start any work.
11. Respect seniors.
12. Keep contractors within your limit.
13. Always keep drawing and schedule copy with you.
14. Prepare micro schedule as per your target.
15. workout quantity of in your work scope.
16. Stay update with new technologies in market.
17. Set target to complete the project from start to end.
18. send daily report to your senior authority.

In next blog we are going to study about business in construction industry.

For Any Queries and any assistant comment and ask question I will try to solve your queries.

Thank You.
Team CBEC.

Jul 7, 2018

1. Tips For Fresher Engineers- Job or Business

Carrier of Fresher Engineers

          In India Currently lot of engineers are searching job, In those searching list all branches engineers are found like Information and technology, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical, etc. all are searching job. we are going to discuss about civil engineering fresher engineers.
          In last few years in India due to privatization of education number of engineering colleges and and institutions are open, actually this is good thing, all peoples can took education easily, but what about fees, charges of colleges, those students and his parents are arranged lot of money for give good education for his child, and after completion of his academic education what is next?

What is Next? Job or Business?

           You can start your carrier with some small companies in after completion of Civil Engineering or Diploma in Civil Engineering. before announcing your result you can got job by campus selection. but from last few years in india there are lot of critical condition due to job are not much available as you think. Numbers of Engineers on the market are more than available Jobs.That means more competition available in the market and in construction field.

Everyone want to grab the job and start to earning and give a good experience. but in construction industry there are no rules in india who can handle the project, in india anyone can handle the project, anyone can start the construction company, actually there is lot of competition in companies also. so fresher engineers can give the benefit of this companies competition. but you need to start you r carrier first then your can grow up. 

Lot of companies don't want to hire the freshers because they doesn't have time to train them and lot of freshers are too much fickle minded, they are always try to skip his job after training given by company, company want to complete running project with his hired staff without any loss of staff, but sometimes due to freshers there may be chance of little bit trouble therefore they want to hire experienced staff.

In other side Lot of Companies are local, they always wan't save his cost and try to hire freshers but due to lack of training the engineer will get disturbed he always doing some non engineering work due to those instruction given by director, in some local companies there is not available of management team, directors non technical persons, in those companies fresher can not grow his carrier.
In next blog we will discuss on following Points.
How to Handle Competition?
How to Choose Good Company?
How to Get the job?
How to Grow your Carrier?
How to give Experience?

Now lets talk about Business, If you are thinking to start your business without field experience you can be chances of huge losses, due to lack of understanding of site situation, how handle client? Changes in drawing? actually at the time of site execution there are chance of lot of issues so before start your own construction company you need to work on field, and do actual execution of project. which give you lot of experience. so now discuss on how can start your own company? If you got a proper experience in civil engineering field, you need to choose your potential field, you need to become an expert in this particular field. Like if you are expert in RCC then become RCC Contractor, You are expert in BBM & Plaster Become BBM & Plaster Contractor. 

We will discuss in Brief with above those point JOB & Business.