Tips for Fresher Engineers - JOB.

In last blog you read just overview about our construction industry. In this blog we are going to learn about how to grab the job in briefly.

Following Points are very important.
How to Handle Competition?
How to Choose Good Company?
How to Get the job?
How to Grow your Carrier?
How to give Experience?


Currently in all over world and in all sector  tough competition is running, all companies are want to become a brand, they are not worry about money, but in india the construction sector is affected due to Demonetization, RERA ACT and GST, lot of big companies are suddenly goes down due to effects of all those things, and at another things is IT sector is also running slow, so all market is going slow, there fore lot of companies are not open vacancies. If in this situation any company will open any vacancies lot of application will come for particular post.

Following things to handle the competition.
1. Decide your field like , Infrastructure, Residential, industrial, commercial choose anyone from it before start your carrier.
2. Decide your strong hand like Site execution, designing, PMC, Estimation, Billing, Quantity Survey Etc.
3. Basic Knowledge of site is required.
4. Study basic rules and formulas of civil engineering
5. Study of some important formula's
6. Study of unit's.
7. Be confident
8. Ready to hard work
9. Ready to relocate
10. Always stay open minded and confident while  attending interview.
11. Stay professional.
12. Always search good companies.
13. Start your carrier with big and Good companies.

Choose Good Companies.

In india there are lot of construction companies, like builder, developer, contractor, entrepreneurs, etc.
Stay focused with your carrier, as I recommend you need to choose good company to start your carrier, because in good companies you can took good experience and trained from experienced peoples.

Following points should be follow to choose good companies.
1. Check Company name in market
2. Check website of companies
3. Check current numbers of employees.
4. Check office location and address
5. Check management team
6. Check completed and on going and upcoming projects.
7. Check turnover of company.

If above information you can get easily, then suppose you are on right path, you can easily attend interview.

Get the Job

If you can follow above instructions and attend the interview be prepare for interview because in good companies there are exam type questionnaires, you need to solve this and then you are eligible to attend oral interview.
So please do proper study, take badic information, do parctice of quantities work out. Like Trapezoidal Footing Formula is very important to all freshers.

Following point to prepare for interview and get the job.
1. Be confident.
2. Dressing and hairstyle should be neat and clean and professional.
3. Don't go to interview like Hero.
4. If you don't know any questions answer then say "I Don't Know" directly, don't give false answers.
5. Your all document should be carry with you.
6. Tell every time truth, don't give bluff answers.
7. Always Remember In civil engineering each and every person can meet anytime, anywhere in life, so don't bluff.
8. Always focused on your questions, and every time look at interviewer.
9. Always knock the cabin door before enter the interview room, and always take permission as "May I come in Sir?"
10. After interview always shake hand with interviewer, tell him thanks.
11. At the time of salary discussion say As per Company Rules.

Grow your Carrier with Experience.

After getting the job in good company, your carrier will start but you need to stay always alert, because in some companies chance of face the politics from some employees, so you need to stay alert and always update about your work to your head of department or senior. always attend site meeting, some of senior employees chance to demotivate you but they are just judge you, if you will give him positive feedback with your work and they will appreciate your work. Take experience from your seniors, stay attached with your senior, keep watch on his decisions, reports, planning, working style, and copy this to your work but you need to add your special thing in it like always maintain cleaning at your work space like your table, your site, your your office. this will present your work.
Stay update about new technologies in market, if you are at site concentrate on Safety and Quality and always focus on work only. Keep contractors in your limit with proper checking and doing good output from contractor. Your project drawing and schedule is always with you, Prepare micro planning of  your targets, this will become easy to do the work, with tracking or follow the micro planning you will definitely enjoy the work. Always take responsibility of new work, it will present your ability to grow your carrier. after proper output you can grow your carrier.  

Following thing need to remember to grow your carrier.

1. Study drawing carefully.
2. Study bar Chart and Schedule
3. Attend all Meeting
4. Take Responsibility
5. Ready to take new work experience.
6. Give deep knowledge of Drawing and Specification.
7. Focus on Quality and Safety.
8. Self checking and cross checking is always important.
9. update your daily reports to your senior authority
10. Give proper approval before start any work.
11. Respect seniors.
12. Keep contractors within your limit.
13. Always keep drawing and schedule copy with you.
14. Prepare micro schedule as per your target.
15. workout quantity of in your work scope.
16. Stay update with new technologies in market.
17. Set target to complete the project from start to end.
18. send daily report to your senior authority.

In next blog we are going to study about business in construction industry.

For Any Queries and any assistant comment and ask question I will try to solve your queries.

Thank You.
Team CBEC.