Jul 7, 2018

1. Tips For Fresher Engineers- Job or Business

Carrier of Fresher Engineers

          In India Currently lot of engineers are searching job, In those searching list all branches engineers are found like Information and technology, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical, etc. all are searching job. we are going to discuss about civil engineering fresher engineers.
          In last few years in India due to privatization of education number of engineering colleges and and institutions are open, actually this is good thing, all peoples can took education easily, but what about fees, charges of colleges, those students and his parents are arranged lot of money for give good education for his child, and after completion of his academic education what is next?

What is Next? Job or Business?

           You can start your carrier with some small companies in after completion of Civil Engineering or Diploma in Civil Engineering. before announcing your result you can got job by campus selection. but from last few years in india there are lot of critical condition due to job are not much available as you think. Numbers of Engineers on the market are more than available Jobs.That means more competition available in the market and in construction field.

Everyone want to grab the job and start to earning and give a good experience. but in construction industry there are no rules in india who can handle the project, in india anyone can handle the project, anyone can start the construction company, actually there is lot of competition in companies also. so fresher engineers can give the benefit of this companies competition. but you need to start you r carrier first then your can grow up. 

Lot of companies don't want to hire the freshers because they doesn't have time to train them and lot of freshers are too much fickle minded, they are always try to skip his job after training given by company, company want to complete running project with his hired staff without any loss of staff, but sometimes due to freshers there may be chance of little bit trouble therefore they want to hire experienced staff.

In other side Lot of Companies are local, they always wan't save his cost and try to hire freshers but due to lack of training the engineer will get disturbed he always doing some non engineering work due to those instruction given by director, in some local companies there is not available of management team, directors non technical persons, in those companies fresher can not grow his carrier.
In next blog we will discuss on following Points.
How to Handle Competition?
How to Choose Good Company?
How to Get the job?
How to Grow your Carrier?
How to give Experience?

Now lets talk about Business, If you are thinking to start your business without field experience you can be chances of huge losses, due to lack of understanding of site situation, how handle client? Changes in drawing? actually at the time of site execution there are chance of lot of issues so before start your own construction company you need to work on field, and do actual execution of project. which give you lot of experience. so now discuss on how can start your own company? If you got a proper experience in civil engineering field, you need to choose your potential field, you need to become an expert in this particular field. Like if you are expert in RCC then become RCC Contractor, You are expert in BBM & Plaster Become BBM & Plaster Contractor. 

We will discuss in Brief with above those point JOB & Business.


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