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Construction Billing and Estimation Consultancy

This is India's 1st Company who is Providing Company Management Consultancy.

Who is CBEC (Construction Billing & Estimation Consultancy)?

CBEC is the Pune base company, founded in 2016, and completed 4 Projects in Pune upto 2,00,000 Sqft. We provided only estimation services. but now we are started Company Management Consultancy. 

Why Need CBEC (Construction Billing & Estimation Consultancy)?

If you are entrepreneur in Construction industry, or If your are builder or Contractor,and if you are not able to bare cost/payment of Fully technical staff, You can not afford experienced technical staff payment, we are support to build your business. we are always supporting who want to stand in the market good reputation and brand. In current Situation of Some companies Director are multitasking, they are doing all work. they want to focus on all work. like this Picture. 

Lot of Entrepreneurs are doing all work with own, because not afford cost of Staff. due to doing all work the are always in tension. like This Pic 1.

CBEC is the India's 1st consultancy Service who is work on only project base, we are providing our best technical staff to complete your project on time, with best quality, and safety.
CBEC give you best solution with proper planning and execution.

Which Services Providing by CBEC?

Engineering Services : Quantity Survey, Estimation & Costing, Planning, Contractor WO & Billing, Client Billing, Budget.

Site Services : Site Visits, Daily Tracking, Reports, Store. Material GRN

Accounting Services: Contractor Accounting, Client Accounting, Supplier Accounting, Staff & Labour Accounting.

Purchase Services: Material Availability Checking, Coordination of Supplier, Purchase Order, Good Receive Note Checking as Per Chalan.

What is Benefits of CBEC?

Engineering Services : 
Quantity Survey: Idea about work & Quantities of all Items, Easy to estimate and material and labour requirement ,
 Estimation & CostingHelp to Finalize the budget of project, Helpful for calculation of profit and loss. Helpful for Exact material and labour requirement and tracking the rates. Analysis of all items where we need to focus
Planning: To plan the schedule of work, where we can achieve the targets without fail.
It is also required for to know the advance material  and labour requirement and  prepare the schedule according to it,
Contractor WO & Billing: Work order required for to final rate, quantity &  terms and condition of work. Contractor billing is required to track the work and maintain bills against work order Preparation of Payment schedule according to  work stages.
Client Billing :  Preparation of Bill as per client requirement and formats. Certification of Bill from Client engineer. 
Client Billing : To Plan the work cost according to planning/bar chart.
Helpful for Arrangement of finance to achieve the work as per schedule.

Site Services : 
Site Visits: To maintain the quality and speed of work. Providing to Training and Technical supports to site supervisors.
 Daily Tracking: To track the daily labour strength, to achieve the targets. To track the material consumption  against the activity. 
Reports: Maintain the Checklist of ongoing activities. Preparation of Reconciliation reports to maintain material consumption.Maintain Cube test report, steel test report, cement test report, aggregate test reports. Etc
Store: To order the material as per requirement.
To  track the daily consumption of material and maintain the schedule of requirement.

Accounting Services: 
Contractor Accounting: To  track the Paid and Outstanding amount according to bill. To maintain the taxation according to contractors bill.
Client Accounting: To  track the Paid and Outstanding amount according to bill. To maintain the taxation according to contractors bill.
Supplier Accounting: To  track the Paid and Outstanding amount according to bill. To maintain the taxation according to contractors bill.
Staff & Labour Accounting: To  track the paid payment monthly basis. To  track the daily dept. labour payment on weekly basis.

Purchase Services: 
Material Availability Checking: To search the material in market according to our requirement. To search nearest  supplier to save the transport cost.
Coordination of Supplier: To Contact with various suppliers and give rates from him. To  Prepare the comparison statement of quotation and give approval from you.(Client), Bargaining with supplier to maintain the rates considered in estimate and Rate analysis,
Purchase Order: Confirmation to supplier about order. Confirmation to supplier about Rate, Quantity, Make, Delivery schedule, Transportation Cost, taxation, etc. ,
Good Receive Note Checking as Per Challan: To  track  the material received quantity as per PO or Not, To  track the supplier bill as per GRN or Not.

What is Cost Impact of CBEC on Project ?

•Project cost will Finalize before start the project which is helpful for financial management.
•Cost control  with rate analysis as per specification of project.
•Saving the cost of extra labours due to work order and payment schedule of contractors.
•Saving the cost of staff, office administration and it’s Overheads.
•Time Saving because project will complete within time.
•Saving of Interests on unsecured loans due to financial management.
•Saving of Penalty for taxation due to timely Tax Payment.
•No worry about Staff and Overhead Expenses after completion of Project.

What about Charges ?
There are Different packages as per client requirement.
CBEC Packages are start from Rs. 15000.00 to Rs. 75000.00 Per Month.
You can Choose any services as mentioned above.

You can easily start all services on monthly basis.
Also if you want only estimation service there is separate provision in each package.
(In all Package Estimation will Provide Free)
If you want special management consultancy, this is also available here. 
For More Details: Mail us on director.cbec@gmail.com; cbec.pune@gmail.com.

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