Fresher Engineer's

Privet Job, Govt. Job, Business

We are decided to discuss BBM and Plaster Business Tips but due to a too heavy demand for new Freshers here we are discussing Privet job, Govt. Job and Business in the Construction industry.

First of all, thank you for your support and mail your demand, and asking your questions, I will try to solve it from my End.
Now we are discussing the following topics.

1. Privet Job.

Actually, all are want to start his carrier immediately and also want to grow immediately. But guys there are no shortcuts in life. You need to prove yourself at every point of life.
If you want to start your carrier with privet job always need to choose a good company with the company should be more than 20 to 30 years old. Turnover should be more than 10 to 100 million per year.
What you want from a privet job?.
1. Job security
2. Grow the carrier
3. Wealth from job
4. Not shifting to one city to another
5. Promotion as per work
6. Leave policy and HR policy should be good
7. Work in a proper system like ERP Software.
What you see actually when doing privet job.
1. No job Security :
2. Not change to Grow your carrier
3. Not a chance to wealth from job
4. Always Ready to relocate
5. Not promoting time to time
6. Not any leave policy in most of the privet companies.
7. Not work in a proper way, some directors are nontechnical.

In the above differences, how can we work in privet company?

Following points will help to work in privet companies.
1. Stay flexible.
2. Try to create second income source.
3. Try to keep update yourself.
4. Ready to relocate.
5. Stey motivated yourself to work with non technical directors.

If you are not thinking to work in above mentioned situation you have another option of Government job, if you will select in any government department then you will be secured your job as well as you can grow your carrier as per government norms.

2. Government Job.

Most of people's in all countries want to do goverment job because this job is secured and growth is confirm.
But nothing is easy in the world, you need to do hardwork to get the government job, now a days there is lot of challenges, you need to good score in Exams which is arrenged by Government perticular department currently Public Service Commission (..PSC) is hiring candidates for State government department and Union Public Seevice Commission.
State government exam is easier than central government exam but for exam you need to prepare yourself, lot of classes are available in market but you need to stay focused on your goal. In current situation of india for 10 Nos of Vacancy near about 1,00,000 applications are received, so think about UPSC.
In those sectors those are bifurgated by various department Administration, Engineering, Medical, Etc. You are civil engineer so you need to try from Engineering Services exams. In Engineering services challenge is same but easy to study because it's from your proffesion.
And If you are not capable to do it, then another way is open to build your carrier as a BUSINESSMEN  as a Contractor or As a Builder.

3. Business.

If you have decided to do the business in construction industry you have 2 options Builder and Contractor.
Builder: To start the builder firm you need to big investment to start the project, but priffit ration is too high, its arround more than 50%, but now a days lot of legal restrictions coming from governments due to some fraud builders, if you want to become a good builder then need to build a good organization with experienced staff and ability to deliver the project within time with complete all legal points.
Also you need to increase your brand value in market for new projects.
Contractor: If you don't have enough capital to become a builder then you can build your business as a contractor in this contractorship you can choose your any exert points like RCC, BBM, Gypsum, Plstering, Flooring, Earthwork, Aluminium Work, Fabrication, Infrastructure work, Fire, Solar, STP, Swimming Pool, Rebarring, quality lab, etc Services.
As a contractor you can set up a good business with your hard work and efforts, but your business should be always update and complete all the requirements of your client, When you will start the contractorship you need minimum capital and proffit is not as much like Builder but you can earn good profit.