Jul 29, 2018

Civil Engineer : BBM and Plaster Contractor Business

Civil Engineer

BBM and Plaster Contractor Business.

In Previous few blogs we have discussed about RCC Contractor Business, now we will discuss about BBM and Plaster Business.
Now a day's thus business is growing due to fast industrial, Residential and commercial growth, Every work can't do without Mason,(Except Mivon Shuttering Buildings)

Following point is important to start the BBM and Plaster Business.

1. Labour Availability
2. Material Availability
3. Assets Required
4. Rate Analysis
5. Schedule of work

1. Labour Availability:

In Construction industry Brick Masonry and Plaster work business is in good position, but you required labours to do the work, in globalisation lot of work is doing by Machines but Brick Masonry can't o by machine's, some plastering machines are available but there is also required mason. And if have sufficient manpower of mason, male coolie, female coolie, you can easily start Brick masonry and plaster work as a contractor.
Rate of Labours is as follows.
BBM Mason : ₹600 per day.
Plaster Mason: ₹800 per day
Male Coolie : ₹ 550 per day
Female Coolie : ₹ 350 per day
Standard Out put per day
AAC BLOCKS: 200Sqft/Day
BBM Mason: 1 Nos
Male Coolie : 0.5 Nos
Female Coolie: 1Nos
BBM MASON : 125 -150 Sqft/Day
BBM Mason: 1 Nos
Male Coolie : 0.5 Nos
Female Coolie: 1Nos
Plaster Work : 200 -250 Sqft/day
Plaster Mason : 1 Nos.
Male Coolie : 1 Nos
Female Coolie : 1 Nos (With Mason)
Female Coolie: 1 Nos ( For Sand Seiving).
1 Extra Male Hepler Required for Curing he will handle all site in a day.

2. Material Availability

Before you bid any contract you just know the information about the locally availability of required material, and it's rate also. We need current rate for preparation of rate analysis and which is very helpful to put the rate for new work.
Current rate of Bricks in Indian Market.
Red Bricks
(Size 4"X3"X9")= ₹ 6.00 per Nos.
(Size 6"X4"X9")= ₹ 10.00 per Nos.
Fly Ash Bricks
(Size 4"X3"X9")= ₹ 4.30 per Nos.
(Size 5"X3"X9")= ₹ 5.00 per Nos.
(Size 6"X4"X9")= ₹ 6.00 per Nos.
(Size 8"X4"X9")= ₹ 8.00 per Nos.
AAC Blocks
Size 650X240X125: ₹ 60.00 Nos
Size 650X240X150: ₹ 93.00 Nos
AAC Block Rate : ₹ 3100.00 Per Cum.(Approximately)
River Sand Rate : ₹ 7000-9000 per brass as per market situation.
Readymade sand: ₹ 4500 per Brass.

3. Assets Required

Before you give the quotation to any client, you need above details as well as some assets required like 
Regular Requirements:Thapi, Ghamela, Sponge, Handgloves, Fawda, plumb bob, line dori, 90 Degree Angle,(Gunya), Bottom Patti, Randa, Patra, Corners(inside and outside), level tube Etc.
One time Requirements: Scaffolding materials (wooden and MS)., Sieve machine or Sieve, Lift Machine, MS Trey (As per Required Size). Wheel barrow, Etc.
Before quote any work need to focus on assets and it's maintainance also.

4. Rate Analysis.

This is the most important part before bid any contract or give the quotation to any contractor.
After checking of above mentioned detial you need to focus on rate analysis, because in the rate analysis you will analyze the actual cost of work and required material and labour quantity also you will analyze actyal profit of project.

Brick Work Rate analysis is as follows
Quantity : 1 Sqm
Brick Required : 44 Nos X 6.00 : ₹264.00
River Sand : 0.015 Brass X 7500: ₹112.00
Cement : .0.12 Bags X 250 : ₹30.00
Labour : 10.764 Sqft X 15.00 = ₹161.40
Total Amount: ₹ 564.40
Water Charges 1.5% : ₹ 8.50
Electricity Charges 1% : ₹ 5.64
Total : ₹ 578.54
Overheads 5%: ₹ 29.00
Total : ₹607.54
Profit : 15%: ₹ 91.32
Total Rate per Sqm : ₹ 698.67
Say ₹ 700.00 Sqm.

(This is approximately amount which is helpful to cover all the points in your rate analysis and helpful to keep away from losses).

5. Schedule of work.

This is also important part when gou are working on any project, we need to prepare the schedule before start the work on site , and analysing the progress of work on daily basis, need to do daily profit and loss report, because contractor need to work on it, if found daily loss in a week then need to change the work track, increase the output, daily focus on labour strength, if any decisions pending from cliemt try to solve it immediately because if you doesn't do any thing you need to ready bear the loss. and if you will daily focus on your work you will be immediately gain profit.

Happy Contractorship.


  1. Above data is very helpful ,is the any data regarding waterproofing work or link

    1. http://cbecindia.blogspot.com/2018/08/waterproofing-work.html

  2. Above data is very helpful ,is the any data regarding waterproofing work or link

    1. http://cbecindia.blogspot.com/2018/08/waterproofing-work.html

  3. Yes Sir, In next blog we will cover this topic with all details.

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