Waterproofing Work Business

Now a days waterproofing is the common problem in the each home, flat, apartment etc. At those buildings we are always seen the water leakage mark. Some ate after waterproofing some are before waterproofing.

Following points will be discussed in this page.
1. How to start waterproofing work business without experience?
2. Types of Waterproofing?
3. Which equipments required for waterproofing?.
4. Which chemical use for waterproofing?
5. What is actual cost to contractor?
6. What about 5 to 10 years guarantee bond?

1. How to start waterproofing w9rk business without experience?

When you are studying about all type of construction work, Waterproofing is very important part in the project, because if any leakage will be in any point all your finishing and rcc structure may be damage of you ignored it.
So this is very very important part. But how can it do without experience, you need to go with its step by step. We will discuss here in brief.
1. Cleaning of pit.( Where you are doing waterproofing).
2. Remove exra part like extra concrete, extra plaster material, Corner should be clean.
3. Check grouting points.
4. Place and Fix grouting points.
5. Apply grouting procedure (Simple or Pressure) which is necessary.
6. Next day remove grouting points and clean it.
7. Apply base coat
8. Fill water
9. Apply brick bat
10. Apply final coat.
With above process you need to go with step by step.

2. Types of Waterproofing?

1. Box type waterproofing
2. Brick Bat Waterproofing
3. Waterproofing Plaster
4. IPS (Waterproofing Floor)
5. Bitumen Waterproofing
6. Epoxy Coating
7. China Tile Waterproofing.etc

3. Which equipment required for waterproofing?

Not required very big equipment to do the waterproofing work, but worker is required experienced otherwise it will become trouble to you.
Following equipment required to do the waterproofing work.
1. Hammer
2. Chisel
3. Thapi
4. Grouting machine
5. 0.5", 1"Pipe for grouting.
6. Funnel (if Simple Grouting)
7. Fawada
8. Ghamela
9. Wheel barrow (for brick shifting)
10. Small Lift Machine (For Brick ,sand and cement shifting).
11. Level tube
12. Bottom Patti
13. Measurement Tape.
14. Hand Gloves
15. Brush

All above material is required before you start the waterproofing work in a building.

4. Which Chemical is use for Waterproofing?

In the market there are various typeas of material but you need to see the specifications and proportion of Material also you can cross check its guarantee given by manufacturer.
Following material are top 10 Waterproofing material
1. Master seal by BASF.
2. Krytonite
3. Dr. Fixit
4. Newcoat Cool
5. Shaliseal RSTC (coal Tar Sealer Coat.)
6. Zentrifix
7. KEM Proof 87
8. Peterseal
9. Proofex
10. Polyureasystem by fosroc
You use above material for waterproofing as per client requirement.

5. What is actual cost to Contractor?

Before you give any quotation to any client you need to cross check the actual cost to you. Which is as follows.

1. Box Type Waterproofing Work for Retaining Wall & Raft.

Cement 0.25 Bags X Rs. 200+GST                      : Rs.50 +GST
Shahabad : 1 Sq.m X Rs. 165+GST                      : Rs. 165 +GST
River Sand : 0.03 Brass X Rs. 8500+GST            :  Rs. 255 +GST
Waterproofing Chemical : 0.25 lit X Rs. 140         : Rs. 35+GST 

Labour Charges  1 Sqm X Rs. 215.58 : 215.58+GST

TOTAL Amount : Rs. 720.58+GST.
Water Charges 1.5% : Rs.10.80
Over Heads 5% : Rs. 36.29
Total Amount  Rs. 767.67
Profit 15% : Rs. 115.15
Total Cost/Sq m : Rs. 882.82+GST
Say Rs. 885+GST/Sq m

2. Brick Bat Waterproofing Work for Terrace.

Cement 0.25 Bags X Rs. 200+GST                      : Rs.50 +GST
Red Bricks: 37 Nos X Rs. 6.00+GST                   : Rs. 222 +GST
River Sand : 0.015 Brass X Rs. 8500+GST          :  Rs. 127.50 +GST
Waterproofing Chemical : 0.25 lit X Rs. 140        : Rs. 35+GST 

Labour Charges  1 Sqm X Rs. 215.58 : 215.58+GST

TOTAL Amount : Rs. 650.08+GST.
Water Charges 1.5% : Rs.9.75
Over Heads 5% : Rs. 32.50
Total Amount  Rs. 692.33
Profit 15% : Rs. 103.85
Total Cost/Sq m : Rs. 796.18+GST
Say Rs. 800+GST/Sq m

Above Rate Analysis are tentative which may Change per specification and change in Material and Labour Rate, but useful to cover all the details before give the quotation to the client.

6. What about 5 to 10 years Guarantee bond? 

If you have did the waterproofing work as per given specification and material is used as per standards then you can easily give the 10 years bond, some times due to heavy plumbing leakages facing too much trouble but after installation of SPOUT PIPE in each toilet you will 90% free from leakages, Before give 10 years guarantee bond to Client following points should be mention in it.
1. We are not responsible for Physical damage of waterproofing structure.
2. Do not not stock the water on terrace.
3. Don't put heavy weight material on waterproofing structure , it may chance to minor crack.
4. If any leakage found in Plumbing Line, repairing is in client scope.

Above points will free you lot of problems happen in future, up to 10 years not found major leakages but after 10 years some were found leakages in waterproofing due to ware and tear. due to sometime huge variation in temperature top coat of  terrace waterproofing is damaged but after regular maintain the top coat the customer will be lifetime stay free from waterproofing.

We are just discussed on simple process of Waterproofing Process, in market there are very advanced type of procedures and chemicals available but those are costly and need skilled labours, we will discuss on it in coming days.