Apr 19, 2020

Guidelines for Construction Sites post LockDown (COVID-19 Outbreak) By CREDAI

Guidelines for Construction Site

• All Protocol including Emergency Response must be laid out at every on-going project as per guidelines issued by local Municipal Authority / District collector.

• Daily Morning Briefing Sessions & Safety (Tool-Box & Health) Meeting will be arranged to review & ensure site protocols in view of highly dynamic scenario ensuring social distancing norms. 

During these sessions, Health & Safety Officers on site must inform everyone including workers about the safety guidelines and important updates.

• All Necessary arrangements for public announcements shall be made at every on-going project.

• Mandatory Thermal Scanning of everyone entering and exiting a construction site will be done for checking fever / body temperature. If anyone leaves and re-enters the site during the shift, re-screening of the individual will be done prior to re-entry into the work site.

• Provision for Water & Soap / HandWash / Sanitizer (touch-free recommended) will be made at all Entry/Exit points and Common areas (including specific locations on higher floors).

• All construction workers and site engineering staff will be required to wash & sanitize his/her hands before entering the site. Same procedure to be followed after exiting the premise. Sufficient quantities of HandWash / Soaps and related items should be available at the site.

• Everyone entering site area (including construction labour) should mandatorily wear face mask.

• Hand gloves should be used by the workers who are handling material coming from outside. Re-usable equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and should not be shared with others.

• There will be strict ban on Gutka, Tambaku, Paan etc. on site and spitting in common area shall be strictly prohibited and may attract with heavy fines.

• Food should be consumed at designated areas only ensuring social distancing. Common sitting arrangements should be removed.

• Bathrooms & Toilets Usage must be scheduled to avoid crowding and all arrangements should be made to ensure social distancing at these spots.

• Goods Movement Passes to be issued by local police to allow construction material on site. Proper Disinfection to be done for all vehicles entering the site.

• Entire construction Site will be disinfected on daily basis (including site office, labour camp, canteens, pathways, toilets, entry / exit gates). Housekeeping team should be provided with necessary equipment.

• There will be total ban on non-essential visitors at sites (including from Head office staff, consultants etc.).

• Hospital/clinics authorized to treat COVID-19 patients, should be identified and list should be displayed at Site all the time. A doctor should visit periodically (at least once a week) at site on allotted time for any medical assistance.

• Appropriate signage at construction site spelling out safety practices in the local language / Hindi which is understood by all.
• 50% Engineering Staff to be allowed to travel to site only through private own vehicle. No ride-sharing to be done strictly. Police to issue travel passes to construction staff / engineers who do not live in the containment zones as designated by local authority.

• For any confusion, clarification and update, everyone should approach Project Manager / Safety-Incharge. Do not believe on rumours and don’t spread them. Strict action to be taken against those who spread rumours.

Guidelines for Construction Site Workers

• On day 0, before resuming the work on sites post lockdown period, mandatory medical check-up will be arranged for all workers.

• The workers coming from outside should observe home-quarantine for at-least 14 days as per the guidelines issued by MoHFW.

• Only medically fit workers will be deployed at site and medical assistance will be arranged for unfit workers. Medical check-up camp should be arranged periodically.

• A unique photo identity card with serial number will be issued to all the workers and their family members staying at site. Proper record of all these workers will be maintained.

• Construction Workers will not be allowed to go outside site area. All the essential items will be made available to them at site only. If necessary, they can go out wearing face mask, after informing supervisor.

• No outside worker will be allowed to stay at site without following proper procedure and instructions.

• Start time on site will be staggered to avoid congestion at the entry gates.  Number of workers working at a particular time / place will be reduced by making arrangements for different shifts / areas. 

Accordingly, additional staff such as security guards, supervisors etc. may be deployed.

• As in most cases, workers reside at the Sites, hence no travel arrangements are required for them. The workers staying outside (which are always nearby) should reach at the site either by walking or by bicycle.

During attendance, training and other sessions, social distancing guidelines will be followed along with provision of no-touch attendance.

• All workers may be advised to take care of their own health and look out for respiratory symptoms/fever and, if feeling unwell, should leave the workplace immediately after informing their reporting officers.

• Workers should not shake hands when greeting others and while working on the site.

• Mandatorily wear face masks while working on site. While not wearing masks, cover your mouth and nose with tissues if you cough/sneeze or do so in the crook of your arm at your elbow.

• Avoid large gatherings or meetings. Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance from persons, especially with those having flu-like symptoms, during interaction.

• Not more than 2/4 persons (depending on size) should be allowed to travel in lifts or hoists. Use of staircase for climbing should be encouraged.

• Workers should clean hands frequently by washing them with soap and water for at least 40 seconds. When hand washing isn’t possible, alcohol-based hand sanitizer with greater than 70% alcohol should be used.

• Workers should not share their belongings like food, water bottles, utensils, mobile phones etc. with others. The utensils should be washed properly post use at designated place.

• Post work, workers should change their clothes before leaving the site and clothing should not be shook out.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

• All vehicles and machinery entering the premise should be disinfected by spray mandatorily.

• All construction material arriving at site should be left idle for 2 days before use to ensure safe usage.

• Non-touch garbage bins with biodegradable garbage bag should be installed for waste collection at all common access areas. Proper disposal of garbage bags along with daily cleaning and sanitization of bins should be ensured.

• Wipe down interiors and door handle of machines or construction vehicles, the handles of equipment and tools that are shared, with disinfectant prior to using.

Thank you CREDAI Pune Metro for these guidelines.

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