How can Get subsidy of Rs.16000.00 for construction Labour during Lockdown?

Now a days India is suffering from very critical stage of coronavirus, now which is in control in india due to lockdown, but in mean time all sectors are going in trouble due to current market situation is not good as well as after lockdown market need to more than 3 to 6 months to grow up and our construction sector is last stage of market. after getting good result from all other sectors like banking, IT, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food, Agro, etc and at the last construction sector is start to develop.

Our number is last in development so now what to do? How to control our site? How to control and Manage our labours? How to maintain Harmony in this situation? lot of questions are at front of us, No one knows the answer, but we need to keep some pations to fight this situation and need to stand with our nation, and support our government.

But is mean time there is big questions stand what about our Construction labour? How we can Support him? in our last blog we had explained all the details about how to provide food and other necessary things to all labour. now we are going to understand how government will help you as How to get Rs.16000 per labour from Labour welfare fund?.

Due to Coronavirus, all sector is stuck, all are suffering from this situation construction sector is also included in it. all Construction work is stopped due to lockdown, and construction labour are highly affected due to this situation. but as per meeting held by central government on 26th march taking some good helpful decisions for construction labour who are in trouble. as per proposal of Central government, construction labour will be get Rs.16000.00 Subsidy amount for all construction labour from state government.
At the time of lockdown Construction sector work is stopped first, and it is stopped more than 15 days. Lot of construction labour are working on daily basis, but due to this lockdown all labour are miss his work and salary also therefore Central government is appealed to distribute some fund and help to those labour from Maharashra Building and other construction workers welfare fund.

As per statement of Central finance minister and State finance minister All state have his own construction welfare fund and all have more than Rs. 31,000.00 Crore fund is deposited, and on the basis of this fund government want to help all the construction workers.

In maharashtra state Rs.8,200.00 Crore fund is available upto September 2019, but Welfare fund department have proposed estimated cost Rs. 830.00 Core for development, so remaining amount with state government is Rs. 7,500.00 Crore.
Maharashtra State construction workers are near about 5 lakh, If state government is distribute this amount to all workers as per the appeals by central government, each worker will get Near about Rs. 16,000.00 Amount Per head. and Central government is appealed to distribute this fund to all construction workers.

How Fund collected by Construction welfare fund department?

This department is collecting monthly surcharge of Rs. 25.00 per head and Rs.60.00 Yearly charges from labour. as well as on basis of staff and workers, welfare fund is collecting surcharge from construction companies, this charges are from Rs. 250.00 to Rs. 25,000.00, Therefore Construction welfare fund have Rs.8200 crore balance.

So we are requesting to all construction workers to fill the form on website and fill the forms to avail this benefit.

If you want to more information about how to fill the online registration form to avail this cliam visit above this website and register you name, If you have any trouble you will get tutorial videos on the same website, with the help of this website and videos you can easily fill the form.

How to register online for Maharashtra Building And Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Board?

Click on Online Registration tab
Then OTP verification window will be open Enter your District, Enter Your Aadhar Number and Registered Aadhar linked mobile number, then you will get a OTP on your registered mobile number.

After Verification Your name will be displayed in next form, Enter your Birth date, Age and Category.

Enter Your Mobile Number(Mandatory), PF or UAN Number (if Available), ESIC Number(if Available) and Email id(if Available).

Enter you Residential address, and type of residence like for work, permanent, etc. then Enter Type of residence like Owned, hired, by contractor, lease, etc.

Then you will get id and password on you mobile number, Log in with this id and password. and click on online claim.

Please follow above procedure your registration will be successful.

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Distribution of subsidy to all labour is still under discussion in coming days we hope it may be distributed, for any more details you need to touch with

CBEC India