Aug 8, 2019

Aluminum Window : M/s Jai Bhavani Glass & Aluminum Works

As per the changing world, the design and look is changed of window, now the window is just not for ventilation purpose it is also using for elevation and architectural features.

Types of Windows using for Building Work

Aluminum sliding window
UPVC Sliding Window
Wooden Window.
MS Window

These days all Peoples are using Aluminum windows because these windows prices are bearable to all and repairing is easy as compare to others. And aluminum window material is easily available in the market. As well as its labour will be easily available. Finishing of Aluminum window is too good than the wooden window. wooden window needs to do periodical maintenance but Aluminum window need less maintenance than Wooden Window, 

Currently, there are a lot of companies are doing this work like aluminum window fixing as well as glass fixing work.

Some of those companies M/s Jai Bhavani Glass & Aluminum works are doing very good work all over Pune. and Maharashtra also. This company has to provide a lot of Verities of the product with quality material as per industry standards.

Visit at Site.
Finalize the Rate as per Specification
Checking Actual Site Measurement.
Material Procurement.
Cutting of Material
Frame Making and Glass Fixing.
Transportation to Site. (Optional as per Site Condition, Can be Prepare at Site also.)
Fixing of Frame & Sliding Door/Window.
Fixing of Lock.

With the help of experience, Mr. Nilesh Shinde is moving forward in this industry. He is the Proprietor of this firm which is providing his services all over Maharashtra as per client requirement. He is also Specialist in All types of Aluminum sliding Windows, Fall Ceiling, Office Partition Door, Syntax Door, and Glass Fitting and Repairing Work.

20 Guage 3 Track Sliding Windows: Rs. 170.00 per Sqft.
20 Guage 3 Ft X3 Ft :3 Track Aluminum Window: Rs. 2000.00 Per Nos
20 Guage 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 150.00 per Sqft
20 Guage 3 Ft X3 Ft: 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 1500.00 per Nos

18 Guage 3 Track Sliding Windows: Rs. 190.00 per Sqft.
18 Guage 3 Ft X 3 Ft :3 Track Aluminum Window: Rs. 2300.00 Per Nos
18 Guage 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 170.00 per Sqft
18 Guage 3 Ft X 3 Ft: 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 1700.00 per Nos

Jindal Anodizing Window
18 Guage 3 Track Sliding Windows: Rs. 250.00 per Sqft.
18 Guage 3 Ft X 3 Ft :3 Track Aluminum Window: Rs. 2700.00 Per Nos
18 Guage 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 215.00 per Sqft
18 Guage 3 Ft X 3 Ft: 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 2300.00 per Nos

Jindal Powder Coating Window
18 Guage 3 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 230.00 per Sqft.
18 Guage 3 Ft X 3 Ft :3 Track Aluminum Window: Rs. 2500.00 Per Nos
18 Guage 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 200.00 per Sqft
18 Guage 3 Ft X 3 Ft: 2 Track Sliding Window: Rs. 2100.00 per Nos

Bathroom Louvers
Box Section 4in.X1in. With Mosquito Net: Rs. 250.00 per Sqft.
Box Section 2in.X1in. With Mosquito Net: Rs. 180.00 per Sqft.

Bathroom Door
Bathroom Door without Frame: 2000.00 Per Nos.

Partition Fixing: 150.00 per Sqft
Partition with Door: 250.00 per Sqft.

Those rates are as per Current market the situation, as per 15 days Payment Schedule.

That rate will be changed as follows.
Change in Specification,
Change is Market Rate
Project Quantity
Change in Payment Schedule.

Taxes will be payable extra as actual and as per Government Rule.

Proprietor: Mr. Nilesh Shinde.
Contact Details: 9921410352; 8208426576
Email id. :
Address: Susgaon Nande Road, Bhote Vasti, Susgaon, Pune 411021.

CBEC India

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