Aug 12, 2019

Waterproofing Contractor : M/s. Adhav Enterprises


                     Nowadays there is heavy rainfall everywhere and due to fast construction process waterproofing work is not doing as per standard quality, every contractor want to complete his site on time, but they are not giving proper time to waterproofing work, as well as lack of supervision and lack of knowledge about waterproofing work procedure. Therefore many peoples in bungalows, as well as apartments,  are facing these common issues of leakages.

Sometimes due to fast completion and lack of technical knowledge waterproofing work done as a typical process, which is not satisfactory. In the rainy season, the lots of peoples are facing Seepage issue, toilet chokes up. Leakage in toilets, etc. actually water leakage is very dangers issue because this immediately reduces your constructions life.

To stop all types of leakages from your apartment one company is providing service in Maharashtra. Nowadays currently working in Pune and Around Pune area. The Company Name is M/s. Adhav Enterprises.

M/s. Adhav Enterprises is a Trusted Name in Waterproofing agencies at Maharashtra. They are providing the service of Maintenance, as well as without breaking waterproof with a guarantee.
This agency is Authorized Waterproofing Contractor of FOSROC. Whos is a trusted brand in Construction chemicals. M/s. Adhav Enterprises is providing all waterproofing services in Pune from the Last 10 years. They have a lot of clients who are well known and reputed in this area.  
Services from M/s. Adhav Enterprises.

M/s. Adhav Enterprises Providing Following Services.

Bar Anchoring:

8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm Tor steel Bar Anchoring with FOSROC Chemical as per standard Norms and as per requirements.

Expansion Joints:

Providing Services and Material for Building Expansion joints as well as road expansion joints.

Injection Grouting:

Injection Grouting with Pressure under the observation of technical Person without any breaking of structure.

Brick Bat Coba:

Laying 4inch thick Brunt brickbat Coba with the cleaning of slab and beam joints Basecoat with chemical and Cement grouting and injection grouting.

Toilet Bathroom Leakage and Repair Works:

Repairing of Leakages in the old apartment as well as bungalows without breaking any old structure or without damage existing structure.

Wall Crack Filling:

After certain time external and internal wall are shows cracks those are due to the heat of hydration or due to material quality, we need to do its care by periodical painting on it, before painting work need to fill its crack by Crack seal, then external and internal wall life will be increased.

 All Type of Chemical Coating work.

After cleaning of Slab and Beam need to Apply Chemical coat on the slab to prevent leakages. This is by brush application or sometimes need to mix with cement paste.

Epoxy coating and Epoxy Joint Filling Work:

Epoxy the coating generally use in Industries, because this epoxy coating is done on smooth finish trimix work. This is process is generally used in industrial shed, The top terrace of apartments, Water tanks, etc.

All type of Building Maintenance work:

Waterproofing Repairing, Chamber Repairing, Plumbing Repairing, Etc. Maintenance Work regarding Building or apartments is done by us. Currently, these services are providing by us in all over Pune. Now we are expanding in all over Maharashtra.

All Waterproofing work is done with the advanced technology with the help of advanced types of equipment and advanced construction chemicals as well as we are giving waterproofing guarantee. Also, we will be providing on-call services about building maintenance all over Pune.

M/s Adhav Enterprises in Trusted Name of Waterproofing, and registered at Just dial which is India's biggest marketing company. As per Just Dial M/s. Adhav Enterprises is a 5 Star Rating Company.

Contact Details of

M/s. AdhavEnterprises.

Proprietor : Mr. Nilesh Adhav
Contact Number : 9552033008; 9850955186; 7722073417.
Address: S. No. 140/5, Ghule Nagar, Manjari Budruk, Manjari- Mundhwa Road, Pune- 412307.


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  1. Interesting, great job and a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing such a decent blog.
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  2. Interesting, great job and a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing such a decent blog
    Technical repair and services


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