Currently, in the world a lot of Big projects are running, Like Bridges, Railway, Metros, Roads, Hotels, Townships, Industrial Projects, Airports, etc. These types of projects need too much Manpower and Staff. But all big companies are too Clever because all staff is divided into Different Department which is as follows.

1. Managing Director/ Management.
2. Vice Presidents
3. Project Coordinator
4. Human Resource Department
5. Vigilance Department.
6. Design and Developments
7. Business Development

Below this, They have formed different Departments to Control all staff under one roof and with discipline.

All department are as Follows.

1. Estimation Department
2. Planning Department
3. Contracts Department
4. Billing Department
5. Execution Department : Which is working under Project Manager.
6. Quality Department
7. Purchase Department
8. Store Department
9. Safety Department
10. Electrical Department
11. Mechanical Department
12. IT Department
13. Sales Department
14. Lisining/ Legal Department
15. Account Department
16. Administration Department.

All departments are bonded with each other as per requirements of Management and As per the rule of Standard work procedures to achieve the target or to complete the projects within time.
The Duties are designed as per this Requirement and the Human Resources Department are distributed those duties to everyone with bonding by Salary and facilities.

In this blog, we will study the Structure of those types of companies, which will help you to form your company structure like this. Which can be beneficial to your company in the future.

1. Managing Director:

In Each Company, There is a Key Person Known as " MANAGING DIRECTOR". This the main decision-maker in the company. This person is ideal, innovative, Motivated, and looking always forwarded because he wants to grow his company. and maybe sometimes they have become a business idol.

2. Vice President:

This is the second Key Person of the company who is Managing all the things about the project. He can Control all the Department with proper instructions to give them as per recommend by Managing Director and as per required by Contract or Tender.

3. Project Coordinator :

This person is coordinate the details about projects and update it to his seniors like Vice Presidents after visiting the site and meeting with project Manager, Site Engineer, Etc. He will also Tackle the Contractor issues, Material issues with coordinate with the Purchase and Contract Department.

4. HR Manager: 

This person can bind all the staff under the single roof by giving legal proof of Payment, Attendance Report, Interview arrangement, New staff searching, Salary Sheet formation, Etc. But this person should be like as an Umpire. He needs to keep the balance between Management Requirements, Staff Requirements, and Government rules.

5. Vigilance Department:

This Department is Like in-house Anti Corruption who is always watching the staff activity who is doing corruption in the company like Money Demands to Contractor for approval of Work order, Bill, Measurements, etc. of Commission in Material Rate. This Department is always watching on such activities. But this department is available in only MNC companies.

6. Design and Developments Department:

 This department mostly available in real estate companies because after preparation of all drawing by Architecture some other requirements demand by project location, Management to keep front of Customers requirements, to solve this issue Design and development department is a help. They can calculate the area as per government rules and also doing changes demanded by some customers. They are giv8ng the solutions to architect after finalizing the drawing by management.

7. Business Development:

This Department is directly reporting to Management and Vice Presidents regarding updates about new projects, as well as updates about ongoing projects. They are helping to grow the company graph.
Above Mentioned Department are playing an important role to improve the company performance each year.

Remaining all Department is attached by each other with their job responsibilities which are given by the HR Manager.

HR Manager is bounding all the departments by the organization chart. which is play's very important role to easily understand the role of each person and he will easily know who is my senior and who is the higher authority. as well as he will know who can report him and which are the team members.
The organization chart is like a tree diagram to understand the flow of authorized person and flow of work to update or contact to a particular department and particular person.

Big Construction companies Reporting system in prepared to bound each other and all the staff want to coordinate each other to update themselves. currently, most of the companies are using the ERP:
(ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING) Which is Computerised program to update and store the data at actual, which can be easily accessible to Management at any time and anywhere?

In the given organization chart we just mentioned the number of posts/ positions to know the exact positions. In actual conditions may change to a different condition like Vice president are more than one, or site engineer/ Supervisors are more than one.

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