Nov 1, 2022

Window Grill Fabrication Work - Standard Operating Procedure


This standard operating procedure enumerates the scope of Fabrication work to be executed    in Tower area as specified in the approved drawings and at places when instructed by the Tower-in-charge.


The respective Tower-in-charge is responsible to execute the work as per procedure.

Safety & protection:

PPEs like safety belts at height, helmets, safety goggles, ear plugs and hand gloves etc. should be used properly. 
Ensure the working area is kept clean for easy access.
Proper illumination to be provided during the work, if required.
Educate the workmen through pep-talk meeting. 
Window Grill:
Preparatory Work:  

Do check grills received for fixing are as per approved drawing and specification.
Do check filing of welded joints, welding burr and voids at joint should not be visible.
Powder coating should have a smooth finish and no marks of grinding should be visible on it.
Internal members of grill (round bars) should be in straight line and it should be placed neatly in the holes of main frame with tight joints from inside visible area and it should be tack welded from external face.
Grill should not have additional or extra holes other than specified on its main frame.
Check the opening dimension of jamb where grill to be fitted, place the grill in position and use bush of specified size, do align it to correct alignment and mark the points on jamb where drilling to be done.
Drill the holes at mark location as per the depth of SS screw which will go inside of it and put rawl plugs inside of it. Holes should be made perfectly perpendicular to jamb face to ensure screwing correctly and flat had of screw sits fully on top of main frame.
In case while drilling holes if sill is damaged, then first replace the sill and again drill new holes on it.
Position the grill in place and check its alignment.
Drill the 3 long SS screw through the hole and ensure its flat head is fully in contact with main frame.
After installation check for its alignment and do check for any visible damages on it.

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