This standard operating procedure enumerates the scope of Aluminium window work to be executed in Tower area as specified in the approved drawings and at places when instructed by the Tower-in-charge.


The respective Tower-in-charge is responsible to execute the work as per procedure.

Safety & protection:

PPEs like safety belts at height, helmets, safety goggles, ear plugs and hand gloves etc. should be used properly. 
Ensure the working area is kept clean for easy access.
Proper illumination to be provided during the work, if required.
Educate the workmen through pep-talk meeting. 

Preparatory works:

 Check the Aluminium sections and accessories received at site are as per specification and approved drawing.
 Do check for any visual defects / damages such as dents, bends and damages to powder coating.
 Do check opening jamb finish where window is to be fitted.
 Deviation shall be within the tolerance limit.
For Sill and Soffit
+/- 2mm in level

For Vertical Jamb
+/- 2mm in Plumb

 Correct the jambs before starting aluminium works, if required.
 Variation in track size and window opening should not be more than 5mm.
 All sections of Aluminium should be pre-cut and do not allow cutting of members at site.

Window Track Fixing:

 Assemble the track near fixing area and do check all joints for tightness and alignment.
 Make drain holes in track
 Tracks should be place in the position. Do alignment by fixing plastic shims beneath.
Check the alignment of track and fix it in position with 3 long hard sheet metal screw or SS screws.
Seal the gap between jamb and track with sealant of approved brand and color.
 Sealant application shall be done neatly by protecting other finishes.

  Post window track fixing:

Do check line level and plumb of fixed track.
Check for any defects like bend, dent and peeling of powder coating etc.
Check wool pile fixed properly into the tracks.

Sliding window Panel  Preparatory Works: 

Check all window panels for their alignment.
Check EPDM rubber gasket is fixed uniformly on panel, glasses are defect free.
Check cutting of lock strips on panel is done correctly by placing lock strip over it. No visible gap shall be there in panel and lock strip.
Check rollers are defect free and working correctly.
Check the powder coating on panel for any damages.
Panel shall be free from dents, bends and any visible defect etc.
Check mosquito mesh is not loosely fitted and is of aluminium.

Sliding window Panel Fixing:

Check the location of panel and direction prior inserting it into track.
Insert the panel to the top track.
By holding panel, position it to bottom groove to fit the panel on to bottom track.
 Ensure the panel sits correctly on bottom track.
Ensure the panel fit properly on to the top track.
Ensure panel configuration is as per the approved drawing.
Fix the locks on panels and track.

Post sliding window Panel Fixing:

Check window panels are operating smoothly.
No gaps between panels and in panel and frame after closing window.
Locks are operational.

Fixed glass panel installation:

Place the glass panel on bottom track inside the aluminium beading.
Fix the aluminium beading at the top and secure it.
Fix side beading on panel.
Seal the gap in glass panel and beading with EPDM rubber gasket.

Friction hinge panel fixing (Top bottom hung window):

Check the direction of window opening before fixing.
Friction stays should be fixed with adequate number of stainless steel screws.
Seal the screw with sealant to ensure water tightness.
Fix the lock handle and check its operation.
Alignment and operation should be checked before and after fixing.

CBEC India