Granite Framing


This standard operating procedure enumerates the scope of Tiling work to be executed    in Tower area as specified in the approved drawings and at places when instructed by the Tower-in-charge.


The respective Tower-in-charge is responsible to execute the work as per procedure.

Safety & protection:

PPEs like safety belts at height, helmets, safety goggles and ear plugs etc. should be used properly. 

Ensure the working area is kept clean for easy access.

Proper illumination to be provided during the work, if required.

Educate the workmen through pep-talk meeting. 

Preparatory Works:  

Do check opening size and its right angle.

If any correction needs to be done it shall be done prior commencement of work.

Do cut the frame members from single slab of granite to ensure the uniformity of visual effect.

Edges of frame members cut from slab should be polished / chamfered as specified in approved drawing.

Frame shall have a 450 chamfer joint on all visible corners of frame.

With the help of Resin hardener adhesive make the back of frame rough to ensure bonding with bedding mortar. Apply resin hardener adhesive on back of granite and sprinkle sand on it to form a key.

Make two holes in staggered on each vertical member for fixity .

Granite frame fixing:

Frame should be fixed in position according to approved drawing and as per adjacent finishes.

Full thickness of frame should be visible from all side for window and from sides and top for door frame.

With cement mortar of 1:4, fix the verticals of frame in position and check for its alignment with keeping top and bottom member in place.

With the help of resin hardener fix the top member in place.

Do fill void above top frame member with cement mortar.

Fix the temporary supports to members to ensure no de-bounding in later stage.

Cure the mortar for minimum 7 days.

After 3 days fix the Pentagon nylon frame fixing screws 10 x 125 mm and recheck the verticality.  Screws should be counter sunk by 5mm.

Do apply light coat of clear oil on granite face for protection.

After first coat of paint, fill the screw hole with Tmax and matching grout mix.

Post Frame work:

Do check for opening dimensions, line, level and plumb.

Do check corner joints and granite to granite joint, there should not be any gap.

Do check for any visible defect.


CBEC India