Toilet Dado


This standard operating procedure enumerates the scope of Tiling work to be executed    in Tower area as specified in the approved drawings and at places when instructed by the Tower-in-charge.


 The respective Tower-in-charge is responsible to execute the work as per procedure.

Safety & protection:

PPEs like safety belts at height, helmets, safety goggles and ear plugs etc. should be used properly. 

Ensure the working area is kept clean for easy access.

Proper illumination to be provided during the work, if required.

Educate the workmen through pep-talk meeting. 

Preparatory works:

Ensure pressure testing of concealed plumbing is done.

Check the verticality of plaster using Plumb Bob and right angle of adjacent walls.

Check the line / surface of plaster using straight edge for correctness (If not found in line and verticality redo the plaster on wall).

Check door and window sizes are maintained correctly.

Tile layout marking to be done on wall with chalk as per approved drawing.

Check tile top and granite top are at same level.

Check service openings are at correct locations as per drawing.

Check waterproofing top is within the FFL.

Clearance for electrical work done in toilet area, to be taken from electrical department.

Using tile pieces fix alignment pads on wall.

Tiles to be soaked in water for 2 hours before using.

Work method for Tile Dado work:

Work should be carried out in proper illumination by arranging artificial light. No work should be carried out in dark or improper illumination. 

Ensure tiles received are as per drawing.

Fix a straight edge at dado tile bottom of second row. Ensure the top level of straight edge and second row dado tile bottom marking are at same level.

Make a cement paste of required consistency and fix the first full tile as per the starting point shown in drawing. Cement paste should be applied over a surface where tile has to be fixed and on tile back surface too (Thickness of paste should not be more than 10mm after fixing tile). Press the tile over wall surface and check its line, level and verticality. To align the tile in position use wooden mallet. 

Repeat step 2 to fix wall tiles of that row. (No gap should be made between two tiles)

After fixing all tiles in row, check line, level and plumb.

Repeat the stapes 2, 3 and 4 to complete dado work on wall.

Ensure all services openings are made in tiles perfectly by fixing flange / cover plate over opening.

On completion, check for any hollow sound over installed tile surface. If there is any hollow sound fill the cement slurry.

If there is any gap between the tile surface an plaster, then fill it with cement slurry. 

Make sure tile surface is clean and no cement slurry stains left over tile surface.

Curing should be ensured for next 7 Days by sprinkling water over surface.

Repeat all above points to complete dado on other walls in toilet.


Experienced person and proper tools should be used for cutting tiles. 

Hole in tile should be made with drill bits of less than flange size.

If tiles surface is chip off (Natra), use it where cut tiles are required by removing chip off portion. In any case do not allow to fix surface chip off (Natra) tile.

Before starting tiling make sure, granite use for making frame is from same slab or from same lot in one flat.

In ledge wall corner tiles should be fixed with V groove of 5 x 5mm.


CBEC India