Mar 26, 2021

Rate Analysis of M30 Grade Concrete (Manual & RMC)

In the last few blogs, we are talking about Rate analysis of Concreting, and in this session, we are learning about the rate analysis of M30 Concrete with Manual mixing and Ready-mix Concrete.

Before learning each rate analysis we should know about the concrete rate analysis is fully dependent on the Mix design of concrete which should be certified from the authorized lab. in the last blogs, we have mentioned it. but now we are just reminding about it that mix design also depends on the location of the site, quality of material, density, and specific gravity of the material. everyone should aware it that all concrete rate analysis fully depends on the mix design, so please take proper knowledge about mix design, here we are given format about how to prepare rate analysis and how many cost you should consider while preparation of estimate of any project.
Now we are learning about M 30 concrete Manually. 
M30 is generally using for Slab and Columns, thus is reach concrete having good strength and durability. It needs to add some admixtures to gain strength in stipulated time and it should be workable while concreting. sometimes we can found this grade concrete in Self Compacted Concrete (SCC). Self Compacted Concrete does not need to use Vibrator while concrete.

Material Required for M 30 Concrete.

Cement OPC 53 Grade
Crush Sand
Coarse Aggregate 10mm
Coarse Aggregate 20mm
Concrete Admixture 
Potable Water

In the Above Image, we are given the format of M30 Concrete for Manual Making on-site. but you should be very careful while it is making on-site because the Concrete making process depends on its weight. if you are not aware of the weight of mixing raw material, you can't get the desired strength of given concrete grade.

Rate Analysis of M30 Ready-mix Concrete.

Mix design and weight is set on the Plant software. almost all the concrete plants are fully Computerized therefore the weight of raw material is correct and the mixing process is very good than out site manual mixer. 

In the above format, we have given the format of M30 Concrete Ready Mix, but while preparing the actual rate analysis you should visit your site location and then visit the around raw material supplier's as well as nearby concrete plant. then you can get the actual cost of material and labor and after getting all the details from the site location you can easily prepare a rate estimate and which will be very cost effective.

If you require any format in excel with fully ready format with formulas, then mail on

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Mar 5, 2021

Rate Analysis of M25 Grade Concrete (Manual And RMC)

M25 Grade Concrete, we all are well known about this concrete grade this grade is good for small houses as well as small buildings, in other ways lot of high-rise buildings are using this grade for all the structures. 

RCC consultant also recommends this grade which is very good for the structure it achieves strength easily and gets easily available in the Ready Mix Plant.
We can also prepare this grade on-site with our normal concrete mixture, but for mixing this manually we need to know about the rate analysis of M25 grade concrete. this analysis is generally based on Mix design which is prepared by the Laboratory where we can know about the Specific gravity of the material which is very useful to prepare rate analysis of M25 grade concrete.

Here we give you some details before prepare a rate analysis of the M25 Grade Concrete.
Required Material to Make M25 Grade Concrete.
1. Cement OPC 53 Grade - 345 Kg
2. Crush Sand: 846 Kg
3. Metal 10mm: 448 Kg
4. Metal 20mm: 732 Kg
5. Concrete Admixture: 2.07 Liter
6. Construction Water: 162 Liter

Now hare we have considered Specific gravity of Material as per Mix Design
Crush Sand: 2613 Kg/Cum
10mm Coarse Aggregate: 2613 Kg/ Cum
20mm Coarse Aggregate: 2910 Kg/Cum

Now Here we are given the format of Rate analysis, and Rates are considered as the current market rates which may vary as per the market condition.

You can prepare this analysis in Excel format, if you need this ready-made format please send us an email at we will provide you all the details regarding this.

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