M15 Concrete Rate Analysis

Actually M15 grade concrete is generally using for Plain Cement Concrete (PCC). that means this grade is not using for reinforced concrete or not using in RCC.
because in M15 grade concrete cement contents are very low as well as strength is very low i.e. 15 N/Sq.mm. in 28 days and just 10 N/Sqmm in 7 days. therefore these low strengths type concrete is generally not using for Columns, Slab, Beam, Footing, Wall, etc. 

Sometimes this is using with reinforced in road work also in a rural area, as well as some private companies are trying to use M15 grade concrete in the road with reinforcement and doing finishing treatment like trimix flooring with broom finish on it. but due to low strength, it will be damaged in sone 3-5 years. and if there is heavy vehicle movement it will damage in just 1 year because it can't bear the load due to low strength.

Now In the last few years, we observed that on the local and small-scale construction sites there is not maintain a standard process of mixing as well a lot of engineers are not known the rate analysis of the M15 Concrete. therefore we are going to explain how to calculate rate analysis of M15 Concrete. which will be very easy to understand for the site engineer to process the work with standard norms to achieve the actually required strength of Concrete.

M15 Grade Concrete

Material Required with Rate and Units.

Cement - 53 Grade OPC - Rs. 235.00 /Bags
Crush Sand - Rs. 3000.00/ Brass
10mm Course Aggregate - Rs. 2500.00/ Brass
20mm Course Aggregate - Rs.2500.00/ Brass
Construction Water - Rs.0.080.00/Litres

Labour Required

M15 Concreting Work - Rs. 350.00/ Cum
M15 Concrete PCC Work (100mm thick) - Rs. 6.00/ Sqft i.e. Rs


Plant and Machinery - 2.5% On Material Charges
Water & Electricity Charges - 2.5% On Material Charges.

Here we have assumed all the overheads at the normal condition of work. it will be changed as per work specifications, location, transport of material, etc.

Please see the following charts where we are considered all rates, Constant of material required for 1 cubic meter concrete. 

In this attached photo we are considered the constants as per mix design. it will be little change as per change in material quality and location of the material. as well as the rate will be changed as per locations.

The rate of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) will be changed as per the location of the Plant, location of the site, type of concrete. If the distance of the site is more then need to add admixtures to keep concrete workable. 
But we should keep in mind that the Concrete in Ready-mix Concrete Mixture will be unloaded and placed within 30 min from loading. and if an admixture added to it it should be unloaded within 90min.

you can also prepare this sheet in excel to calculate the actual rate.
If you want to this excel sheet with all formulas please send us a mail on director.cbec@gmail.com with minimum charges. you can get the data after sending the list of items and our team will respond to you as per your requirement.

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