Feb 3, 2021

Breaker : The eraser of construction Industry

Concrete Breaker 

From last few years, the speed of construction industry is increased, that means working becomes very fast, where an invented lot of new types of machinery, new technologies are helpful to fast working.

In between can, we can not avoid that use of breaker is rapidly increased, It is really shocking, but it is true and we can run away from it.

After working in the 20th century every industry are using modern technology to work perfectly, work smooth, work in good quality, on-time completion, etc. and it is a good thing that all are trying to become familiar with new technologies, but every coin has another side and our industries another side has dark truth.

It is very shameful to say that after using new technologies, we are using a lot of amount on breaking the structure, yes it is true.

In some construction organizations, there are starting to considering the cost of breaking work.

Yes, there is a lot of reasons to use the breaker on site. like changes in drawing, increase in structure as per new rules, joint in new and old construction, mistakes done by engineers, contractors, and labors, etc. 

But the real thing is the use of a breaker is not a good sign we will see the history of a hand breaker.

It was invented in 1849 by Jonathon Coach. and chisel-shaped head invented nearly 1942 by William Mcreavy and sold the patent Charles Brady king of Detroit, Michigan. the first-hand breaker is called a jackhammer which is powered by compressed air after some time is powered by an electric motor.

after that Greman company is invented a hydraulic hammer in 1967. now this company is known as Atlas Copco. and this hammer is known as a Hydraulic breaker.

There are some Top 5 companies breakers are available.
1. Bosch GSH 2000W 29.5kg 1000bpm
2. DeWalt 110V 10Kg breaker
3. Bosch GSH 500 5Kg Breaker
4. Hilti  Te 1000 12.5kg Breaker
5. Bosch GSH 11E Breaker

There is some mini breaker are available. there are a lot of other companies breakers are available in the market with very low price. there are various types of brands, models, as well as all brands, are providing a wide range of breakers and available in 2kg to 30kg weight and power by Electric which is very convenient to use on construction site.

The next range is Compressed type breakers and Hydraulic breakers, those types of breakers are using for heavy concrete breaking, hard rock breaking, demolition of buildings, or old structures, etc.  

Compression Breakers

Compression breakers are power by air pressure, those breakers are manual and heavy to use. those breakers are commonly mounted on tractors. need skilled people to handle this breaker.

These breakers are used to break hard rock, concrete, etc. where the use of hydraulic breaker not possible due to access of road, height, under the buildings, etc. 

Compressor breakers have less vibration due to this they can be easily used near the structure. but need to use this carefully.

Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic breakers have more power than all the breakers that can be attached to excavator machines. those are generally used to break the hard rock. demolition of buildings, etc. This breaker can be handle only by skilled machine operators. the vibrations of the hydraulic breakers are very high and can be dangerous to the building if it works very close to the building.

Electric Breakers

This is very commonly used in the construction industry, those are powered by electric power, easy to handle, lightweight, available in the budget, anyone can operate, parts are easily available in the market. This breaker is using to cleaning the concrete surface, breaking the wall while doing interior work, need to break the existing work which is change by drawing changes, decision changes by the drawing, etc.

Hand breakers are upgraded as per new technology but there is another bad sign the use of breaker is increased, that means the mistakes are increased as well as we can say supervision needs to improve. because We are working with improved technology and with this we are doing those types of silly mistakes and always using breaker on-site and damage the structure, covering the mistakes without taking proper approval from respected consultants. no one is looking and focus on this serious issue. If there are such mistake happens on-site and breakers are using on-site there is the bad quality sign. 

In general construction projects during plumbing work and waterproofing work. during RCC work Consultants are recommended to use Sleeves for plumbing lines but on actual site condition, there is big negligence observed. Sleeves are placed but many times those are filled by concrete as well as the position is changed. those silly mistakes are done on-site. another work is waterproofing work while waterproofing work there always needs to put spout pipe at the bottom of waterproofing but actually, there is no one much serious to keep the sleeves for this spout pipe, there is always using breakers and breaking the beams open the main steel of beams and pass this pipe from it and cover it by normal mortar instead of rich mortar.
While using the breaker there are happening huge mistakes on-site and the sad thing is that senior staff is also ignoring this to keep the speed of work instead to keep the quality maintain on site.

We are requesting to all the engineers and contractors regarding using of breakers, you can use it but do not avoid the quality instead of keeping the speed maitain on the. if you are trying to do your work the first time clear and accurate there is be very fewer chances to use the breakers. 

Please don't do the following things while using breakers.

In Buildings
1. Do not touch the concrete structure.
2. Do not open the steel on the concrete structure.
3. Do not pass the pipes from the concrete structure without sleeves which are placed at the time of concreting.
4. Do not use breakers near glass window or glass partition. vibrations can break the glass.

Remember breakers is the updated technology but we need to avoid the breakers because all are using this to erase our mistakes instead to do work accurate.


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