Construction Labour during Lockdown

Many of Construction labours are stucked at site, in this Lockdown during coronavirus.

Now we need to take some efforts to save Our construction labour's or need give some donations to arrange them food as well as some necessary item's during this lockdown period.

Some Labours are try to escape from this situation but we need to aware them as well as support them to stay at site and stay as it is condition.

Actually labour are safe at site until they will away form outer world. because they are not be able to contact with another foreign return people but if they will try to escape from this lockdown and contact with any outside people's there may be 2 chance's of losses, 
First is They will be mislead by outside people and may be loss of money from some fake people, and  second is if they are escaped fro. site may be contact with Coronavirous affected people's. 

So,  we need to take care of our labours,
Following things we can do to save our construction labours.

1. Contact to Contractor

Call the contractor and tell him about all situation as we are ready to provide him food and essential thing's. also arrange to contact with all labour's in conference, on you can call on online.

2. Contact with Labour with full protection (if possible)

If possible discuss with labours on digital platform and give faith about this situation positively, also aware all the labour to take care during this situation. but during this meeting you need to give proper information about to use PPE's like mask, Sanitizer, etc. also if you are decided to meet the labour atleast keep 1m distance from everyone.

3. Aware about Situation

Give him all the information about the Coronavirous and Lock down situation. also aware to do not panic about the situation.

4. Registration to get Labour welfare Fund

Government is arranging the Labour welfare fund to provide food for all labour during this lockdown situation.

5. Keep Clean the site

If possible arrange daily fogging at site. provide sanitizer, masks, to all labours.
Restrict the out side people entry on site during this lockdown period.

As we heared a news from some source.
CREDAI is taking some effort during this lockdown to save our construction labours.

1. The COVID-19 situation in the last 2/3 days has gone from bad to worse. The whole country is in a state of lockdown.
Public transport is off the road , Locals / Metro / Railways are no longer running and our construction sites are closed.

2.Many of our construction labour’s are stuck at our site with nowhere to go and with hardly any money to buy daily essentials.

Today what we need to do most urgently is to take care of the day-to-day food requirements of our construction workers and site labour.

CREDAI Pune Metro has organised subsidised Food Grains for our construction workers This distribution will be done from 25th March 2020 to your respective sites. Permission is being obtained from Police Commissioner at for the distribution.

The cost of these food grains is approximate Rs.800.00 which can take care of 4 people for an entire week.

We have secured food grains for about 10,000 construction workers, but there are many more. so, this is on first come first serve basis.

There are still a lot our labourers who do not have daily essential supplies that will last through this lockdown & curfew. In such a case it is our moral responsibility to supply basic food & ration for them to survive. We have to stand up and protect them.

CREDAI Pune Metro will bear 50% charges and balance 50% will have to be borne by individual developer.

Please arrange to send the details of site  with address and no of family members for arranging packets, on mail id and
You may add also if any coordinator at site with contact no.

Let us all take care of our construction family together

Suhas Merchant
CREDAI Pune Metro
This is message from Pune Metro CREDAI
Thank you Pune Metro CREDAI.

We are requesting to all of our civil engineer, Contractors, let's start to call all your contractor and and guide to contractor, tell him to guide them his all labours and aware about this lockdown situation.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

CBEC India