May 7, 2019

Sanas Engineering- Core Cutting Work


About Sanas Engineering

Sanas Engineering Started his journey in this year 2004 with the diligence to make history. They are associated to his work and service. Sanas Engineering aim is to provide good concrete cutting & anchoring solutions and service through its wide range of product that empower the customer to get the benefit from a large variety of options. Sanas Engineering approach is to the grab Indian Market with a wide range of Drilling, Anchor Fixing and Concrete Cutting solutions through its high technology in production made with best services with the best performances with very competitive prices in the Indian Market. They are looking for an opportunity to serve you best and make this Sanas Engineering Services a victorious.

Sanas Engineering promise to build right and



1. Concrete Demolition

In the face of set upright new buildings, construction contractors always face the challenge of demolition. Demolition or concrete removal is the process of breaking down previous structure like building, bridge railing. It takes place anywhere commercial, industrial or even in residential area. Under such circumstances it's very difficult to handle concrete demolition, but Sanas Engineering prosecute the demolition process in proper way, keeping in mind the inclination angle, surface area of the structure being demolished without causing any damage and loss to any property nearby. They are use high quality demolition equipment such as electrical hammer machines to satisfy our client. They provide these services for various types of slab, beam, Coolum, RCC Works, Brock works, walls, COBA and terrace waterproofing.

• Industrial Structure Demolition
• Commercial Complex's Demolition
• Sugar Factory Foundation Demolition
• RCC Structure Breaking Work for example-Column
• Beam, Slab, Chajja, Bricks Breaking Works
• Tremix Flooring Breaking Works
• Concrete Breaking Works
• Pile Breaking and Breaking of Water Tanks.

2. Rebarring Services

At Global Construction Services Sanas Engineering are diligently involved in offering a wide range of rebaring and anchoring services. With the help of experienced team and professionals they deliver best rebaring services, as per requirement of our valued client. Sanas Engineering give high quality service which can be customized in accordance to specifications provided by customers. They assured that quality of service is never compromised at our end. Global Construction Services is also expertise to undertake Dowel Bar Fixing Work for our clients. Sanas Engineering install the dowel bars for the extension purposes, by using imported hitch chemicals without breaking the existing beam & column. Moreover, they can make dowel bars in bricks masonry as well. they can also Provide a services in dry an also in wet surface.

3. Diamond Cutting/ Core Cutting

Sanas Engineering actively provide core cutting work service in all over India. They have trained and skilled professional worker to give quality service in affordable prices. They have high quality and imported machinery to provide service of diamond core drilling and core cutting.


• Drill holes in R.C.C. structure (column / beam / slab)

• Recover the core from exiting building
• Make openings cut through unbreakable and precast concrete
• Brick and other structural material
• Make openings cut through floors and walls
• Make openings cut for windows, ducts, doors and pipes through floors and walls
• Cuttings to take away part or all of existing walls
• Cutting openings for pipes with large diameter Cutting for AC out let, Fire fighting systems,
   Plumbing Outlet, Kitchen Chimney.

4. Diamond Floor Sawing/Cutting

This is popular sawing method in construction industry. They are at global construction services provide faster, safer and more efficient methods than conventional methods of making alterations and removing concrete slab or other hard surfaces. With Global Construction Services floor our Sawing expertise achieve the cutting of internal floor slabs up to 350 mm thick quickly and quietly with no odour in location such as Supermarket, Factories and hospital, Where speed of operation and

appreciation of the sensitive nature of the location is important. Expansion joints can be cut quickly and accurately with our self propelled joint cutting saws.

• Dust free
• Fixed price Contracts
• Blade types to suit every Application
• Fully trained labour & operator team
• High Powered 3 phase motor for floor Sawing externally
• Electrically Powered Equipment for Internal Use
• Precision cutting of Reinforced concrete And asphalt
• Split saws featuring component interchange
• Ability for in Accessible Areas
• Full Range of case studies Available
• Demolition cutting for Refurbishment
• Removal of Defective concrete
• Loop cutting
• Precision Compact Self propelled Saws
• Almost zero vibration

5. Diamond Wall Sawing/Cutting

Sanas Engineering use high Cycle Electric and hydraulic wall saw technology to cut precisely opening to form doors, windows and remove entire section structures material in such way area's like heavily reinforced concrete, brick work and stone in buildings where retrieve for conventional equipment is prohibited and cut to depths of 730mm in the most challenging situations.
• Remote Controlled operation for Increased Safely
• Angle Cutting
• Stair Cutting
• Flush Cutting
• Speed & Versatility
• Rune Free
• Full range of Case studies Available
• Fully trained Labors & Operations
• Fully Equipped mobile work force covering all over India
• Precision Cutting
• Vibration Free
• Cut to 600 mm Depth
• Precise Remedial Works

6. Diamond Wire Sawing/Cutting

When faced with the problem of removing large sections of Heavily Reinforced Concrete in complex situation Where access large is restricted such as a Bridge Deck of the removal of columns and Beams where depth and Speed of cut are critical, were sawing provides the solutions And seen
extensively used by Global Construction Services On some of the India’s Largest Project. Diamond wire sawing using high cycle electric or hydraulic equipments is the fastest and most versatile Means of cutting heavily Reinforced Concrete The wire Saw easily handles the thickness sections of all construction Material with cutting rates in excess of I in2/hour achievable And the ability to cut circular opening up to 2500 mm diameter leaving clean strength and smooth cut surface with no damage to the remaining structure.
• Non-Percussive
• Smooth cut face
• Unlimited cutting Depth
• Horizontal, Vertical and angled cutting of circular opening upto 2500 mm diameter
• Quit and Fume less
• Fast and flexible
• Plunge Cutting facility Allowing blind arid rebated opening to be formed
• Safe remote Controlled operation
• Full range of case studies available
• Fully Trained labour & operators
• Fully equipped mobile workforce covering the jobs Diamond Wire Sawing

7. Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic Bursting is efficient methods to get rid of mass concrete, brick work or natural stone. The system of bursting is safe and is alternative method for breaking concrete without risk of hand arm vibration and noise. They are use advanced Sawing and Drilling Hydraulic busters which are portable and used to break up concrete & rock by coring holes before insertion, then using a hydraulic expansion pack to break up concrete. Especially Global Construction Services have used this technology to remove heavily reinforced concrete upto 5mm thick in structure such as Dam, Bridge and nuclear power stations where precise controlled System of removal was required.

• Non Percussive
• Bursting Power Ratios of over 2000 Bars
• Low Noise
• Easily Accesses Sensitive and Inaccessible Areas
• Full Range of case studies available
• Full trained labour operators
• Fully equipped mobile work force covering the jobs

8. Concrete Splitting / Hydraulic Splitting

Concrete splitting is done for measuring tensile strength of concrete and hydraulic splitter is used in demolition job. This is productive method for brick work, mass concrete or natural stone. Hydraulic Splitter are placed in pre drilled holes and expanded to induce controlled cracking of the material, thus reducing it to manageable sections for removal. What's more the equipment can be used in confined spaces without risk.
• Non Percussive
• Easily crack the Concrete, Natural Stone
• Low Noise
• Easily Accesses Sensitive and Inaccessible Areas
• Full Range of case studies Available
• Full trained labour operators
• Fully equipped mobile work force covering the jobs

9. Hydraulic Concrete Crushers

When object constructed from various parts get demolished or renovated, then concrete crusher or
recycling method is used for utilizing the debris. In this method demolitions sites collected concrete material is put through the crushing machine. Global construction Services provides this service in most efficient way to satisfy the client.

• Non Percussive
• Dust Free
• Crushing up to 350 mm thick concrete
• Electric, Hydraulic Power
• Easily Accesses Sensitive and Inaccessible Area
• Full Range of case studies available
• Fully Trained Labours & Operators
• Fully Equipped mobile work shop
• Covering all the jobs

10. Injection Pressure Grouting

Global Construction Services offers pressure injection grouting service to support and fill the cracks, grade beams, concrete slabs. They work according to customer requirements within less time to satisfy clients.

11. Gunting Work

Guniting is the process of repairing concrete work which has been damaged due to inferior work or other reason. This process is used in construction for the application of slope stabilization and certain rehabilitation purpose mainly in the construction of retaining walls, swimming pool construction, tunnel construction, in fluid tank construction and some of the concrete repair works. Guniting was a method of early origin in the US, where the method is defined as the process of spraying a mix or mortar or concrete to a surface of application with the help of a spray gun. This method makes use of a spray gun and hence the process was named as Guniting.
• Only the amount of water necessary for hydration is added at the nozzle to make gunite.
• Hydration and curing can be referred to as drying but it does technically not dry. It 's a exothermic reaction and the reason we cool the shell with water for 7 days.
• There is not the excess water found in conventional concrete during placement.
• Slowing down the cure process by cooling with water greatly increases strength.
• Max. strength is reached in about 28 days
• Excess water occupies space; when cured small voids are left.
• Dry mix gunite is more dense then poured concrete. (It takes about 1 and a half yards of gunite to Volumetrically equal 1 yard conventional concrete.)
• Denseness = superior strength.

12. MS Plat with chemical anchor fixing work

Column base plate connections are the critical interface between the steel structure and the foundation. These connections are used in buildings to support gravity loads and function as part of lateral load resisting systems. In addition, they are used for mounting of equipment and in
outdoor support structures, where they may be affected by vibration and fatigue due to wind loads. Base plates and anchor rods are often the last structural steel items to be designed but are the first items required on the job site. The schedule demands along with the problems that can occur
at the interface of structural steel and reinforced concrete make it essential that the design details take into account not only structural requirements, but also include consideration of constructability issues, especially anchor rod setting procedures and tolerances. The importance of the accurate placement of anchor rods cannot be over emphasized. This is the one of the key components to safely
erecting and accurately plumbing the building.

13. Waterproofing

Waterproofing is process of water resistant; it's done to avoid water leakage from various structures. Global Construction Services is one of the expertise to give waterproofing services with affordable cost. We are offering waterproofing services for concrete structures and buildings. As we are startup but still we have done lots of work in waterproofing with other companies. Our range include basement waterproofing services, expansion joint waterproofing services, internal wall dampness waterproofing services, building water proofing and terrace water proofing services, water tank waterproofing. We believe that any service should be good as much from outside in as it should be from inside out; we take special care to render the same. Furthermore, we have specialist for doing water proofing work. Also, we ensure to maintain a cordial relationship with all our associates, clients and employees to achieve the goal of our organization that is customer satisfaction.

• Waterproofing System
• Chemical waterproofing
• Crystalline waterproofing
• Membrane waterproofing
• Brickbat waterproofing
• Box Type waterproofing

14. Epoxy Floor Coating

We offer epoxy floor paint application services as well as a variety of other flooring services for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Our epoxy floor application services are performed by skilled and professionally trained installers to ensure proper application and product durability. This epoxy flooring is available in a wide range of colour and can be applied over old or new concrete
flooring. The epoxy floor coating application process is quick and simple. Epoxy floor coatings offer a high shine, high performance finish that is scratch and impact resistant, making them perfect for industrial and commercial buildings. It is available in 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm & 5 mm thickness
self levelling.
Where is apply Epoxy Floor Coating?
• Hospitals
• Laboratories
• Retail Stores
• Industrial Plants
• Work Shops
• Manufacturing Plants
• Commercial Kitchens
• Food Prep Areas
• Pet Shelters and Animal Care Clinics
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants
• Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
• Storage and Shipping Warehouses




Address : Shop No. 1, Sr. No. 82/6B, Shop No.2, Dangat Patil Nagar, Gurukrupa Industrial Estate, Shivne Pune 411023. (Maharashtra, INDIA)
Mail Id : ;
Contact No. : +91 9822272229, +91 9422034084
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