Feb 3, 2019

Contractors in India


The contractor is playing a very very important role in the construction industry, but a lot of builders or some companies are always avoiding the importance of contractors in the industry. Yes, there are some fake or irrespective contractors are available in the market. and this is a good source to find out. review him with your real experience. and after that when anyone required a new contract he will find out the real reviews from the market and we can complete our work with good contractor with good quality.

List of Contractors is as follows.

 Labour Contractor

3. Fitter Contractor, 
4. Concreting Contractor, 
5. Labour Contractor,
7. Plaster Contractor,
8. Gypsum Plaster Contractor
10. Plumbing Contractor
11. Electrical Contractor
12. Painting Contractor
13. Fabrication Contractor
15. Aluminum Contractor
16. Flooring / Tiling Contractor
17. Furniture Contractor
18. Department Labour Contractor

General Requirement from Contractors:

Need Experienced Contractor, Need to provide more labour force and complete the project in time, contractor should be flexible for payment, Need good References from good companies or good projects, also provide own safety material and labor camp, etc. (Above points are not covered in work order) because is final by mutual understanding. and if any company will delay paying the balance amount of bill. what should be done by the contractor? NOTHING, He wants to Just wait, wait and just wait. and follow up to until payment will credit in his account.

What We are Doing?

Some Companies are work with only labor work from above-mentioned contractors.
Exactly who is Complete Your Project? 
Anyone don't know that who is working under the Main Contractor? 
how they are working exactly? 
what about training? 
what exactly required to them? 
What is safety precaution required to them?
What about insurance?
What is it's implementation?
What about work training?

Actual Experiences of Contractors.

We have started the campaign of all small subcontractors who is doesn't know about his future? and doesn't know how to find out new work with good contractors?. how to take training from them. How to train his labor?

So Let's Start it, Your Opinion is Important to us, because we are uploading all small contractors short profile which is very helpful to all construction industry. and small contractors can grow his business easily.

Team CBEC India


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