Jun 4, 2022

Surat Chennai Greenfield Experssway in Solapur District

National Highway authority of India given permission to start the New express way from chennai to Surat.

Thus rout us passing from 4 state Like Gujrat, Maharashtra, Telengana, Hyderabad and Tamilnadu. 
Whuch is most beneficial for lot of business and lof of farmers which are developing his farm.

Surat and chennai both are ports where lot of good are expirted to another country. which can be easy due to this rout as anyone can export or supply his good, fruits and othe material to surat as well as chennai. 

This rout can be open big opportunity to thus state people's and which can be more advantage to youth.

As well as another side there is Drawback as lot of farmers lost his farm due to this road. anyway government is giving benifit 5 times of farm cost under land acquisition. 
Now we see some highlights of thus proposed road.

Total Estimated Cost : ₹54000 Crore.
Length of Road : 1600 Km
No of Lanes : 6 Lanes
Proposed Speed : 120km/hr
Proposed Finish Date : 2025
Distance from Maharashtra : Approx. 483 km

Surat to Ahmadnagar road map is final and Solapur to Chennai is almost final but There is AhmadNagar to Solapur rout is still pendind, There is Some Survey is already done.
NAHI given letter with survey number for land acquisition but still there is some another survey is doing by NAHI due to check another possibile route. 

So we are requested to all This is just survey. government will give all the legal documents to all affected people's before start the work. as well as government will give benefit for land acquisition.

Here we are send some photos of last survey done by NAHI at Solapur District. 
Name of Surat Chennai Greenfiled (Surat- Nashik- Ahmednagar- Solapur) will be Proposed as NH150C


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