Kitchen Platform


This standard operating procedure enumerates the scope of Tiling work to be executed    in Tower area as specified in the approved drawings and at places when instructed by the Tower-in-charge.


The respective Tower-in-charge is responsible to execute the work as per procedure.

Safety & protection:

PPEs like safety belts at height, helmets, safety goggles and ear plugs etc. should be used properly. 

Ensure the working area is kept clean for easy access.

Proper illumination to be provided during the work, if required.

Educate the workmen through pep-talk meeting. 


Preparatory Works:  

Check the height of Platform vertical is as specified in drawing. Vertical top should be in level.

All visible edges of platform granite should be polished before fixing it in place.

Slot the wall 2 in depth at correct height as specified in drawing for inserting platform in wall.

Cutting of Kitchen sink and gas hole should be done as per approved drawing and checking the pluming points on wall.

At wall where the gas cutout in platform comes chase the portion to fix the flexible pipe for gas. Gas hole is to be taken from skirting and through wall take it below platform.

Work Method:

At sink area first fix the secondary marble and then fix the sink as per drawing and plumbing points on wall.

Apply the resin hardener adhesive on top of vertical. And place the platform in position by inserting it by 2 in wall.

Check the top level of platform it should not have any slop.

Fill the wall chase area in mortar of 1:4.

Do fix skirting in place as per drawing.

At gas hole put the flexible pipe in wall with a sample gas pipe inside of it, for insuring the correct curvature of pipe and fill the wall chase portion with cement mortar of 1:4.

Flexible pipe should be then cut at the face of skirting and below platform at the face of wall and sealed properly.

Fix the facia patti (Architrave) as per approved drawing with resin hardener. Coins should be inserted into facia patti and platform to increase its stability.

Apply the approved sealant around sink and platform joint neatly to make it waterproof.

Grout the joints with approved grout and clean the platform.

Do apply light coat of clear oil on granite face for protection.

Post Checks:

Check the gas hole for its operation.

Check the level of platform.

Check for alignment of sink with plumbing points.

Check for any visual defect.


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