M20 Concrete Rate Analysis

In India this grade of concrete is using mostly for Road as well as Footing, Raft foundation, trimix flooring, etc., as well as this grade of concrete, is mostly using in rural areas where low housing projects are done and also used in some private home. 

But mostly using for the road was in some highway projects in some urban cities, as well as using for small concrete roads in metro and urban areas,  the reason behind to use this grade for the road is this concrete produce low heat of hydration than other higher-grade concrete. and this concrete has a lower low cost than other higher-grade concrete. easy to mixing like other normal grade concrete as well as no need to mixing any costly admixtures and after following the simple process we can easily achieve the strength. this is very easy to repair when using on the road.

Now in this session, we are going to understand the Rate analysis of M20 Grade Concrete.

Requirements to Make M20 Grade Concrete.

1. Cement 53 Grade OPC - Rs. 235.00 Per Bag
2. Crush Sand - Rs. 3000.00 Per Brass
3. 10mm Metal - Rs. 2500.00 Per Brass
4. 20mm Metal - Rs. 2500.00 Per Brass
5. Concrete Admixtures - Rs. 72.00 Per Liter
6. Construction Water - Rs. 0.08 Per Liter (Water Tanker 10000 Liter - Rs.800.00)

The above rates are current market rates which can be changed as per market condition in your area, as well as rates depends on the distance between your site and quarry location.

In the following table, you can see the rate analysis of M20 Grade Concrete with its standard constant, The constant may be little change as per your material quality and dry density of your raw material, which is we can found in the mix design report. 

The above rate, analysis is for Manual mixing of M20 Grade, which required Concrete mixer at the site as well as the arrangement of Electricity, Water, area for the dry material stock, and extra labor for concrete raw material loading in mixture machines.

In another way, M20 Grade concrete is using in large quantity while concreting roads, therefore we should using their Ready-mix Concrete. this is very convenient for large quantity because manual mixing and placing is a very hard job it requires more time, as well as need to arrange all other facilities to labors as well as need to work late at night, but after doing all this output is not compare with ready mix concrete and manual mixing concrete, therefore, we are suggesting here when you have large quantities of concrete you should always use ready mix concrete.

Here we are giving the rate analysis of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) M20 Grade concrete.

Overheads like Plant and Machinery, water and electricity charges will depend on actual site condition it will maybe vary.

If you want excel soft copy with the formula of this rate analysis you can request us on mail director.cbec@gmail.com 

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