Dec 13, 2019

Free Online Quantity Survey and Estimation Course : Teaser Session

Free Online Quantity Survey and Estimation Course: Teaser Session

Now all over the world there are a lot of institutes are providing Quantity Survey Courses for civil engineers, some institutions certificate are allowed worldwide, obviously, this is a Little bit costly.
some engineers are doing this course after graduation as well as after getting some experience in Field. but here we are shearing the real experience as well as such types of topics related to quantity survey and estimation to all other remaining engineers as well as contractors who can get easily knowledge about our industry and initiate his work with standard practice which can be helpful to future of construction industry.

In this Program, we are upload all the topics with all the details about quantity survey and estimation with standard practice and standard formats to prepare the quantity sheet.

After Quantity Survey need to prepare estimate and Bill of quantities (BOQ), in this program we are giving the standard practice of estimation which is using by all construction industry except the Government sector. but the quantity survey process is nearly the same all over the world.
Now, let's start our program of Quantity Survey and Estimation Course.

Topics for Quantity Survey Course

1. Land Survey
2. Excavation
3. Backfilling
4. Compaction
5. Rubble Soling
6. Plain Cement Concrete ( PCC)
7. Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)
8. Brunt Brick Masonry (BBM)
9. Internal Plaster
10. External Plaster
11. Waterproofing
12. Flooring
13. Door
14. Windows
15. Window Grill and Railing
16. Internal Electrification
17. External Electrification
18. Internal Plumbing
19. External Plumbing
20. Concrete Road
21. Bitumen Road
22. Landscape and Gardening
23. Structural Steel
24. Other Agencies Work like Solar Water System, Fire fighting Work, Gas Pipeline, CCTV Camera, Video Door Phone, Ventilation System, Garbage Chute, Lift, Sewage Treatment Plant, Organic Waste Unit, Vermiculture Pit, Children Play Equipment, Swimming Pool, Etc.

All the Above subject will be cover under this Course, and all topics will be cover step by step with all information including the procedure of work and details process to work out the Quantity and Estimation also we are trying to provide the Checklists of each work.

Some of the above topics may not be cover in 1 session and might need more than 1 session, suppose Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) can not be possible to cover under one session so we are dividing this topic in the following Session.

The topics are as follows.

1. Footing/Raft
2. Pile
3. Plinth Beam
4. Pile Cap
5. Column
6. Beam
7. Slabs
8. Retaining Wall
9. Shear Wall
10. Mivon System
11. Precast System
12. Conventional System
13. Tremix
14. Concrete Road

This is just an example of how we distribute all the topics to understand easily to our followers.

We are trying to cover all the topics under the following head's which can be easily understood to all.

1. Name of Work
2. IS Code No.
3. The drawing needs to read.
4. Location of Work
5. Standard Procedure of Work (Step by Step)
6. Checkpoints
7. Equipment and Machinery
8. Measurement and Quantity Survey
9. Checklist
10. On-site Experience

All the topics will as per given head's which can be easier to sort all the details.
So guys hurry up and reply with your interest with your name and qualifications to

This course will be available worldwide and anyone can participate in this course. your suggestions are welcome. we are trying to cover 2 topics in a week.

you can share your best site experience with photos to us on we will upload this on our website.
Stay tuned.

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