Diamond Pool- Swimming Pool Contractor

       Now a days every one want to live in a lavish home, or villa aith all faculties like garden, swings, Swimming Pools, gym, Etc. But everyone can not afford it's cost or it requires more time to enjoy this on daily basis.

but now a days lot of builders are giving all amenities like Garden, gym, pathways, swimming pool, Auditorium, Playground, etc.
All are enjoing those amenities in a week but all amenities need to maintain on daily basis, in maharashtra lot of builder are giving swimming Pool but is this possible to maintain in daily basis?

If those questions are raised by someone need to suggest a brand name in Pune Maharastra, who is providing his services to all over maharashtrato maintain or build your swimming pool the Name is Diamond Pool.

Company Profile

Diamomd pool is pune based company founded in 2006, providing his quality services in all over Maharashtra with 1000 liter to 10,00,000 liter swimming pool. with including all good specification's. under the guidelines of Mr. Jainuddin Jamadar Diamond Pool is making new milestones every year.

Type of Work

Diamond  Pool is complete all types of projects like
1. Club swimming pool
2. Society Swimming pool
3. Personal Swimming Pool
4. Jhakuzi
5. Baby Pool

Types of swimming Pool

There are 2 types of Swimming Pool
1. Overflow type Swimming pool
2.  Skimmer Type Swimming Pool

Diamond Pool is proving both type of Swimming pool work with following services.


1. Waterproofing Work with chemical coating

Providing all type of waterproofing solution regarding waterproofing including grouting, basecoat, chemical coat, brick bat coba,  finishing  in line and level to create the base for pasting of swimming pool tiles.

2. Swimming Pool Tiling Work

Providing and fixing verious types and sizes of tiles like 20mmx20mm, 25mmx25mm, 50mmx50mm, 100mmx50mm, 100mmx100mm as per client requirements. including fixing and pasting of tiles in line and level with designing in tile with various types as per requirements of clients and developers.

3. Swimming pool Plumbing Work.

Fixing of plumbing pipeline to swimming pool as per requirements.
4. Pumping Systems
Providing and Fixing of High quality pumps to provide water for swimming pool and filtration unit including all necessary required material.

5. Waterproof lighting systems.

Top quality waterproof lights fixing in wall as well as floor to create the good ambiance.

6. Filtration System

Arrangements of Filtration unit to filter the dirty water in swimming pool in sand filter and purifying in filtration system and after chlorination water provide to swimming pool.

7. Cleaning System

Cleaning of water from natural impurities like tree leaf, prices of dust particals, etc. with Net and at the bottom and wall tile surface cleaning with mop, etc.

8. Maintenance work

Every swimming pool need to maintain properly to prevent from algee, fungus, etc. which are fastly grow in sun light. therefore regular maintenance is required.

If swimming pool is using daily basis, there is need to filter all water on regualr basis.
Tree leaf, Dust particals are need to remove regularly. also sand filter and chlorination application is preferable at the time of filtrations.

Application of powder or liquid in swimming pool water to prevent from Algee, fungus, etc.

All Above Services are available as per clients requirements Like With material and without material.

Completed Project

1. Nyati Evita, Pune
2. David Llyod Talwalkars Club, Pune
3. Greens Society, Wakad, Pune
4. Eela, Punwale Pune
5. Banglow Projects In Mumbai, Lonawala, Pune, etc.
6. Privet Swimming Pool in Pune.
7. Private Swimming Pool in Mumbai.

Staff and Labour

Diamond Pools is always focus on quality so each site have experienced staff amd labour who are experts in Swimming pool work.

Material and Equipment

All Material is using for swimming pool like filtration unit, Pumps, Plumbing Materials, Waterproof Lights, Overflow trench Jali, Ladders are superior quality with good brands as well as cleaning material like Net, Curve mop, etc best Quality.
Each site they are providing 1 year maintenance free of cost as per site requirements.

Company Details

Diamond Pools
Director: Mr. Jainuddin Jamadar
Adress: Vishrantwadi, Pune
Contact Number : 9860681377

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