Feb 3, 2019

Construction Equipments & Machinery in India


In Current days all world is addict to use advance machinery, it's a true that all machinery are lot of helping us, and will will become easy and fast. but can we know which is most useful machineries to construction industry and which is not useful.

           Some machines are not helping as per our requirement and as per cost we are paying to buy this, we are going to find out what is actual use of those machineries and what changes can be done in it, after that which is useful for all. some machinery will work well but most of times they are always under maintenance, and we need to spend more cost to repairing it and maintain it.

          In all over world currently there is the fashion to use advance machinery in civil engineering industry, yes, it is necessary but we should focus on it's actual use or reviews of current users. Machinery work is alternative to manpower or alternative to Contractor. If we are work by contractor there may be chance of delay in work or may be quality issue but if we did same work by machinery there may be very less chance of mistakes and speed of work will be amazing, we can complete our project within time.

Currently in the world there are some top machines and which is using in civil engineering and construction industry to complete big project's, like metro, mining, bridges, and building demolition etc.
which is as follows
1. Bagger 293 Bucket Wheel Excavator
2. TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)
3. Crawler-Transporter
4. P&H 4100XPC Electric Rope Shovel
5.CAT 6090 Hydraulic Shovel
6. Belaz 75710
7. Liebherr 9800 Mining Excavator 

         But above machines are using for big and special projects. general builders or developers can not afford it's cost and it's maintenance. so some companies are just work in industry with those advance machinery and they will hiring the machines for those projects.

       In this series we will find out all type of machines and its use, cost, maintenance cost,also we will update the list of all other equipments required for civil engineering industry. we can define it is in two part one is machinery and second is equipments.

We will start from common usable machines.



  1. Excavator 50,70,100,200,350,etc
  2. Backhoe Loader (JCB, Mahindra, L&T)
  3. Dumper/Tipper/Hyva
  4. Compactor (1MT,5MT,12MT,etc)
  5. Grader


  1. Concrete Mixer (0.5 Bag)
  2. Concrete Mixer ( 1 Bag) (10X7)
  3. Concrete Mixer (2 Bag)
  4. Concrete Mixer (3 Bag)
  5. Batching Plant (0.5Cum)
  6. Batching Plant (1 Cum)
  7. Batching Plant (2 Cum)
  8. Concrete Pump (100)
  9. Concrete Pump (300)
  10. Tower Crane (Light)
  11. Tower Crane (High Rise/Heavy)


  1. Axe/Hoe/Shovel
  2. Measuring Box

This List will daily update and we will give you all details of each machine with our updated blogs and pages, hope this will be helpfulful for all of you.

Team CBEC India


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